How Much is Mariah Torres Worth from Pitbulls and Parolees

Mariah Torres is one of the most popular casts of the popular show aired on Animal Planet called Pitbulls and Parolees. The audience is so into her, her sister Tania, and her twin brothers named Kanani and Moe. She and the whole Torres family have gained a lot from the show. Are you curious how much her net worth from the show?

Mariah Torres Worth from Pitbulls and Parolees

According to Idol Net Worth, Mariah Torres has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. The site named Dating Celebs reports that her net worth is $100,000 – $1M. Aside from these two, there are a lot of sources that provide the information about her net worth, her salary, and income. However, for the online estimates of her worth, it varies.

Mariah Torres Worth from Pitbulls and Parolees

In addition to her income from the Pitbull and Parolees, Mariah Torres is also known as an influencer that mostly active on Instagram. She loves to share the great shots of herself and her puppies. Currently, she has more than 100,000 followers. In addition, she also teams up with the organizations that focus on pit bulls. Her intention is to raise money for these organizations.

Mariah was one of people who helped to move the nation’s largest pitbull animal shelter known as Villalobos Rescue Center from California to New Orleans in 2011 when the center was hit by economic crisis, as stated on the official website of the center. as one of the non-profit organizations, they have a huge amount of bills to pay. Every month, the team of the Villalobos Rescue Center takes in about 40 to 50 dogs and adopt the same amount. It is not as easy as it sounds because it needs money to make it possible. According to its official website, the cost per day to run VRC varies and the average cost is $10,000. It means running a rescue center requires $70K a week, $280,000 a month, and about $4 million a year.

Despite everything, it seems like Mariah has been able to save some money thanks to her and her family popularity on the Pitbull and Parolees. The show really helps the whole family a lot and the Villalobos Rescue Center is still operating with the cast from the show.

According to the founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center, Tia Torres, Pitbull and Parolees helped save them once upon a time. She talked to Reality Blurred that they were on the verge of going broke and it came down to survival. While the other people want to appear on the TV to become actors, they decided to feature on the show because they needed to eat. She and her children were getting donated food for them to eat. The food came from churches and many more. At the time, they were about to shut down the rescue center. In the same interview, the woman added that her children would initially look forward to filming days so they could get the food from the production company. Not only her and her children, they also got some vet bills and dog food covered thanks to the Animal Planet. She emphasized that they did not know TV show because they had nothing and her bank accounts were literally overdrawn. Her child, Mariah Torres, added that their family really has come a long way.

About Mariah Torres


  • Date of birth: September 6, 1991
  • Birth sign: Virgo
  • Birth sign duality: Passive
  • Birth sign modality and element: Mutable earth
  • Opposite sign: Pisces
  • Mother: Tia Torres
  • Siblings: Tania, Keli’I, Kanani
  • Occupations: TV show star, influencer, animal rescuer

Mariah Torres was born in California, United States on September 6, 1991. Her mother named Tia Torres is the founder of the infamous Villalobos Rescue Center, the one show with Mariah Torres featured in it. Her mother was once married to Aren Marcus Jackson. She has a total of three siblings: her sister Tania and her twin brothers Keli’I and Kanani. According to her, her family is huge and confusing.

Mariah Torres made her first appearance on the Pitbull and Parolees in 2009. The entertainment life was not new to her, meaning she was already familiar with the spotlight as she has performed in beauty pageants ever since she was 11 years old.

The Pitbull and Parolees is a hit. Everyone loves the show because it offers something new to the table. there is no reality show like this show. It is the only reality program that features the rescue center named Villalobos Rescue Center. It shows everything, including the effort of the team to adopt the dogs to the new owners, and their effort to care for abandoned, neglected, or rescued dogs.

Mariah Torres really loves dogs a lot, obviously. No one ever dares to doubt her love for them. however, dogs are not the only things loved by her. It seems like she is also into tattoos. She is known to have several tattoos, including a pitbull with angle wings on her left leg, the third eye on her chest from each grows a tree on her neck, a tree on her right leg, and a tattoo of her dog named Sloth. Sloth is the only dogs owned by her to feature on her body. It does not mean that she loves it more than the others. If you have no idea about her current other dogs, they include a misfit mutt named Theo, a French bulldog named Momo, a special needs pit named Sloth, and a rescue dog named Tater Tot.

What about her personal life? In 2012, Mariah Torres got engaged to her girlfriend named Florencia Carcagno, who is also known as Lady Tragik. She said that her girlfriend asked her mom, Tia Torres, first and these two planned the whole thing. The other reports said that she was married to a man named Marcel. Actually, she once said that she does not want to be labeled as bisexual or gay.

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