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There is a moment where some owners of dogs cannot take care their dogs anymore. It can cause for several reasons. The owner may move to another residence and in their new place they are not allowed to have a pet. It also can happen because they are too busy with their work so that they do not have time for caring their dog. If you let the dog live in your house without any care or we can say it neglecting or even you have a plan for leaving it in the street, we have to say that it is a bad idea. If you think that you cannot take care your dog anymore, it is recommended for you to hand over it to a rescue. An animal rescue organization will take care your dog until the dog has a new home.

If your dog is a Pitbull and you have a plan to hand over it to a rescue, do not be worried. Especially for you who live in Indiana, we have some animals rescue organization that can resettle your Pitbull.

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· S.C.A.R.S. Pitbull Rescue
Second Chance Abuse Recovery Services (S.C.A.R.S.) Pitbull Rescue is built by Tracy Landis in 2010. A lot of pitbulls that have been abused, neglected, and discarded are rescued by her for many years. For your information, pitbulls are the most abused and number one euthanized dog in America because of bad press, overpopulation, bad breeding and bad people. Tracy has a mission to educate the public and give new chances for many pitbulls at life. This rescue is located near Warsaw, Indiana. For getting more information about this rescue, you can visit the website at www.scarspitbullrescue.org.

· Casa del Toro Pit Bull Rescue
If you are looking for Pitbull Rescue Indianapolis, Casa del Toro Pit Bull Rescue is the answer. This rescue was founded in 1997 and they work with partners across the state to save the dogs identified as pitbulls. They rescue pitbulls from local animal shelters and rescues. For getting more information about this rescue, you can visit their website at cdt-rescue.squarespace.com. You also feel free to send them email. For general inquiries you can email to info@cdtrescue.org and for volunteer inquiries to volunteer@cdtrescue.org. You can also send them a letter to 5351 East Thompson Road, Suite 144, Indianapolis, IN 46237.

· Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition
This organization is aimed to improve the conditions for Pitbull type dogs in Northern Indiana through public awareness, education, and by serving resources for Pit Bulls in need. You can contact them to P.O. Box 13064 Fort Wayne, IN 46867 or email to fwpitbullcoalition@gmail.com. Feel free to visit their website at www.fwpbc.com.

Well, if you have a plan to hand over your pitbull or even if you want to adopt a pitbull, you can contact one of the rescue organization above. Handing over your pitbull to a rescue organization is better than abandoning or neglecting them. However, pitbull is also a creature that needs love and attention.

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