Tri Color Pitbull Puppies for Sale

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Are you looking for Champagne tri color pitbull puppies for sale? If your answer to the question is yes, then you might want to read this entire article. However, this article mostly focuses on the tri color Pitbull puppies.

The types of Bullies that have three color are officially named Tri color Bullies. Commonly, Bully has only two colored coat which is standard for this kind of dog. Surprisingly, there are some Bullies that possess more than two colors on their coat. This kind of one is such an uncommon breed even if they normally come form the non three colored sires. Why it is such uncommon? According to some experts, the main reason behind it is that a lot of breeders did not breed tri colored dogs for several generations as they can be mistaken as the mixed breeds. It makes the mix breed Bullies something that the breeders try to avoid producing. In this case, you have to understand if this is kind of hard to find tri colored pitbull puppies for sale. The fear of the breeders is understandable since the pure breed Bully one is one of many characteristics valued by every potential buyer. There is also a fact that stated that a lot of breeders prefer the game qualities more than the aesthetics of the coat color. In the end, the Bully gene pool rarely produces tri colored dogs even when the breeders try their best.

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For your information, there are some designations for tri color Bullies. All of them depend on the primary color, including black tri, blue tri, champagne tri, fawn tri, chocolate tri, and so on. Usually, tri color Bully can be the best option when the tri color coat is aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the owner.

Apparently, the genetic which is called Agouti genes can cause the tri colorization on the coat of the Bully. This one takes the important role on determining the pattern and color of the coat of the Bully. The variation of the coat produced depends on the Agouti locus alleles found in the sires or the bloodlines. For the A, it can cause the solid black as the dominant color. The other most common variations are blue and chocolate. For the Ay, it produces the dominant yellow color. Buckskin and red tri color Bullies has this kind of variation. As for the At, it produces the solid colored tan point Bullies. In fact, the two alleles mentioned before is recessive compared to this one.

Those are some information about the tri color Pitbull puppies that you have to know. If you have any questions, you can look for the answer in the communities of dog. In the same place, you can also ask the members where can you find tri color Bully Pitbull puppies for sale. As the tri color Pitbull is unique and rare, the scammers tend to seek the opportunity to deceive the potential customer. So, please be careful

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