Womens Pitbull Sweatshirt “Peace Love & Pit Bulls”

A girl should be fashionable, fabulous and classy. However, it can be a reference in which being a girl must be attractive and beautiful to look. In fact, girl is identical with beauty that means she should have an inviting and good-looking frame everywhere and every time. The enchanting look for girl can be got by wearing interesting and gorgeous fashion, makeup touch, even accessories bandage. So, no wonder if every girl wants to have an attractive and pretty look.

However, women talk that clothes are supposed to make their personalities. Besides, by wearing a branded cloth, women will feel so confident and cozy. Every cloth has a goal to make woman so satisfied by wearing it. Clothes will make a woman showing a different appearance when they wear one type of cloth. In fact, clothes can be a way to decide every woman character when she wears clothes. It means that clothes can be mentioned as an identity of woman frame in each cloth that she wears. As an example, a woman who wears a gorgeous dress and heels will be different frame from a woman who wears sweatshirt and boots as well.

Every woman will look for the review about a product that she wants before buy it. It can be mentioned as crucial step on shopping after deciding the product to buy. Well, for this chance, we are going to give you a sweatshirt review that can be a reference for you before buying it.

Womens Pitbull Sweatshirt "Peace Love & Pit Bulls" Reviewheart

Are you a Pitbull lover? Are you looking for an outfit who related to your favorite? Or do you look for a review for an outfit that you want to buy before. Well, for you who are a Pitbull lover, certainly you should have this outfit. However, this outfit is so gorgeous and great to wear. In this chance, we also complete the description about product with the review, pros and cons, even how the ways to buy it.

The Brand of Product

“Peace Love & Pit Bulls” Womens Hoodie

Design by DoggyStyleStudio

As a Pitbull lover, you should know what the name of product is that you want to buy. So as this hoodie, you have to know what the name is, the brand and where it comes from. The name of this hoodie is Womens Pitbull Sweatshirt "Peace Love & Pit Bulls" that comes from Las Vegas, Clark, United States. By knowing about the brand, it can be a reason why you should by this hoodie.

Description of Product

Indeed, it can be an important thing to do before you decide to buy an outfit, that’s the description of product. However, it can be a consideration when you want to buy a product, especially your favorite outfit.

Womens Pitbull Sweatshirt "Peace Love & Pit Bulls" can be mentioned as the bestselling product that you must have.  This gorgeous women hoodie can make your feeling so cozy and relax to wear. This outfit can complete your along days without feeling hot at all. It is because this hoodie was made by very soft and smooth cotton that make your body so comfort. The soft and cozy sweatshirt will warm your casual style up when you are hanging out with your friends. This womens pitbull sweat-shirt has variety of sizes in which you can choose the fit size for your body.

The Design

This gorgeous and colorful hoodie was evidently designed by using the amazing psychedelic pattern. The eye-catching and vibrant look of the image can make everyone hypnotized. This mesmerizing artwork designed by Doggystyle Design Studio from Las Vegas, Unites States.  This hoodie is completed by hood with white drawstring, ribbed cuffs and waistband and full zip closure.

The Fabric

This point is not less important if you buy the clothes is in the fabrics. The kinds of fabrics can determine whether this product is suitable and good for you to buy or not. For this hoodie, you do not to be worry because it was made by high and selected quality of fabric. Here are the kinds of fabrics that exist in the womens Pitbull sweatshirts.

  • The solid color was from 60 % ring-spun cotton – combed and 40 % poly fleece.
  • The heather was made by 10% poly and 90% combed and ring spun cotton.
  • The Marble Fleece Colors was shaped from 15% poly and 85% ring-spun cotton and combed.
  • The Digital Fleece Colors was made by 100 % poly.
  • The Neon Colors was completed by 40% poly fleece and 60% ring-spun cotton and 60 %.

The price

The womens pitbull sweat-shirt is offered at $80.25. It is an affordable price to get a gorgeous design, soft selected-fabrics and colorful pattern on the logo of hoodie.

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The Size 

Certainly, you do not worry because the womens pitbull sweat-shirts are provided many sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and 2X (just add +$5.00). Each person is totally different for size, so make sure that you choose the fir size for your body. For reference, the model is 5'10" and wearing the 'S' size.

The Washing Method

To wash this hoodie, you do not need to take a complicated way. The hoodie are machine washable. You are able to care this hoodie by using washing machine, but make sure to tumble dry low.

The Style

For eye-catching style, you can combine this hoodie with jeans or pants and boots or sneaker. This relaxed and soft hoodie can look perfect for everyday outfit.

– Pros –




  • The fabric is so soft and cozy
  • It can be used for gift
  • Comfortable to wear for everyday
  • Completed with adorable art
  • The size will fit with your body
– Cons –




  • Nothing 


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Buyers Reviews

Here are some positive reviews with five stars from buyers if you want more reference:

Reviewed by Riley on March 19, 2018 *****

"I was shocked, in a good way, that when this sweatshirt arrived it was entirely different from the stock picture shown on their website. It's shown as being pastel, dingy, muted pink color and what it actually is ….is neon bright pretty pink!"

Reviewed by Sandiegodianna is Dianna Newby On January 16, 2018 *****

"Very nice and everything I wanted it to be."

Reviewed by Sandiegodianna is Dianna Newby On September 20, 2017

"Soft and so cuddly. Love the soft pink color and deep pockets. She will love it. Ty Zazzle."

Reviewed by Dobe Gal On October 2, 2017 *****

"Product quality was excellent".

Reviewed by Tiffany Hernandez-Jin On December 24, 2017 ****

"Fun gift idea. Good product, little bigger than I expected but still is vey nice and warm".

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Well, by paying attention to this our review, absolutely you already get a consideration to buy this hoodie. So, do not waste time to buy this, the product is limited.

Sooner better as well! Happy Shopping!

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