Are Merle French Bulldogs More Expensive?

French Bulldogs are one of dog breeds where the range of the price is between $1,500 to $3,000. These prices are for regular French bulldogs. Now, how about the price of merle French Bulldogs? Are they more expensive? If you want to know the price of merle French Bulldogs, you can check them below.

The Price of Merle French Bulldogs

If you want to know whether merle French bulldogs are more expensive or not, the answer is yes merle French Bulldogs are more expensive. According to the Ned Hardy site, the price range of merle French Bulldogs is around $6,000 to $8,000. On that site, it is explained that not only is the purchase price expensive, but it is also expensive for merle French bulldogs to care for.

On the Bubbly Pet site, it is explained that a merle French Bulldog can cost around $6,000 and $50,000 and even the rarest color of merle French Bulldog can cost upwards of $100,000.

Are Merle French Bulldogs More Expensive

According to the Bulldog Papa site, the price of a merle French Bulldog can range around $6,000 to $20,000 and here are some of the prices of these merles by their colors.

  • Lilac Merle French Bulldogs

    Lilac Merle French Bulldogs are rare merle French bulldogs so that the price is expensive. In a reputable breeder, this puppy can be bought for $7,000 to $15,000.

  • Blue Merle French Bulldogs

    Same as lilac merle French bulldogs, blue merle French bulldogs are also expensive and rare. The price of a blue merle French bulldog is around $8,000 to $12,000 on average. The general price of merle French bulldogs is around $6,000 to $20,000 and the prices can be higher where it can reach up to $50,000 or more depending on the rarity of the merle French bulldog.

The Reasons Why Merle French Bulldogs Are More Expensive

To get a merle French bulldog, a breeder needs to do selective breeding which means that merle French bulldogs do not occur naturally. That’s why the price for a merle French bulldog is more expensive than regular French Bulldogs.

As explained on the Bulldog Papa site, a merle French bulldog is bred by artificial insemination and given birth to by caesarean section. Furthermore, on that site, it is explained that, more than 80% of French bulldogs’ puppies are birthed by caesarean section and when a merle French bulldog mates with a regular French bulldog, half of the pitter generated is only merle French bulldog that contributes to their rarity and expensive price.

Female French bulldogs usually come into heat once or twice a year and they do not give birth more than 3 puppies at a time so that it is hard to get one merle of the puppies.

Another reason which raises the price of a merle French bulldog is because reputable breeders breed them safely and ethically.

Kinds of Merle French Bulldogs

You are able to find different color variations in the merle French bulldog. The common coat colors are blue merle and red merle. Merle blue, merle black, and merle lilac are the major color variations. As explained on the Bulldog Papa site, other hues of merle colors are present depending on the dominant gene that is diluted.

According to the Bulldog Papa site, here are different kinds of merle French Bulldogs.

  • Black Merle

    A black merle French bulldog can happen when the dominant gene in a French bulldog is black. The black merle happens in merles with hues of fawn, tan, and black.

  • Blue Merle

    The blue color which appears on this merle is not a result of a blue gene in this dog. It is important for you to note that the base coat of the dog is black but in a diluted form so that it gives the fur coat a bluish color. The bluish pigmentation also gives an effect to their eyes.

  • Red Merle

    Red merle French bulldogs are bulldogs which have a liver brown base color speckled with other colors to make a Merle pattern. What is the difference between a red merle and blue merle? The difference is in the base color where the red merle has liver brown base color, meanwhile the blue merle has a diluted black.

  • Lilac Merle

    Lilac merle French bulldog is the rarest one so it is hard to find a lilac merle French bulldog. This color is basically a mixture of a blue base color like in the blue merle with chocolate brown which gives it the lilac color. This pigmentation makes the dog have lighter eyes. There is a new shade of lilac merle pattern which is called Isabella or true lilac. Isabella or true lilac is the same as the regular lilac but it has more champagne in color and it becomes one of the most expensive merle patterns.

  • Chocolate Merle

    A chocolate merle French bulldog has dark brown fur coat and their eyes can be green or brown.

  • Tan Merle

    This French bulldog has brownish patches on a tan base color and the color makes the dog have a pink nose and their paws are also light brown.

  • White merle

    White merle is one of the most common merle patterns. A white merle French bulldog has a white base color speckled with patches of tan and brown. If there is a pup which is produced by two merle French bulldogs where the puppy is called a double merle, the puppy can have a dominant white base color with some patches of other colors. However, note that a white merle does not always refer to a double merle.

Are Merle French Bulldogs Recognized by the AKC?

For your information, merle French bulldogs are not recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club). If you access the website of AKC, the accepted colors for French Bulldogs are white and fawn, white and brindle, white, fawn brindle and white, fawn and white, fawn, cream, brindle and white, and brindle.

Since merle color is not accepted by the AKC, it means that merle French bulldogs cannot participate in joining the AKC-hosted events.

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