Why Can’t I Potty Train My French Bulldog?

For French Bulldog owners, it is important for them to potty train their French Bulldog. However, to train them sometimes may not be an easy thing so that they wonder why they cannot potty train their French Bulldog. Is a French Bulldog hard to be potty-trained? If yes, why cannot the owner do that?

The Reason Why the Owners Cannot Potty-Train Their French Bulldog

For some French Bulldog owners, they may have potty-trained their French Bulldog, but they find that their French Bulldog cannot be trained. If it happens, the first thing that the owners need to know is that to train a French Bulldog takes time. So, patience and consistency is needed. Even according to the Ask Frankie site, some French Bulldogs take up to 8 months to potty train.

If the owner thinks that they have tried to potty-trained their French Bulldog, but they find that it is not successful yet, the owner must check whether they have done some mistakes in potty-training their French Bulldog or not.

According to the Quality Dog Resources site, here are some reasons why the owner cannot potty-train their French Bulldogs.

Why Can't I Potty Train My French Bulldog

The Owner Gives Negative Reinforcement

Sometimes, negative reinforcement may help in potty-training. However, the important thing that must be thought by the owner when they potty-train the French Bulldog is that the stress that the owner is giving on the French Bulldog puppy could be traumatizing enough for the puppy so that the puppy will not listen to the owner anymore. By giving the French Bulldog puppy a negative reinforcement, it can affect the dog’s behaviour when they grow up and even it can cause more problems. Let’s say that the owner forces the dog to do something that the dog is not ready yet and the owner does it by yelling or smacking. If the owner does it, it does not help since the dog still does not understand what the owner wants the dog to do. Even if the owner gives punishment to the dog, it also does not help. So, the thing that the owner can do is to be patient. When the dog is stubborn, never punish the dog. Potty training must be done one step at a time. If the owner sees any improvement, reward the puppy and there will be a big difference sooner or later.

There Is No Schedule to Potty Train The French Bulldog

If there is no schedule or the owner does not follow a schedule, it may cause failing in potty train French Bulldogs. If the owner is too busy with their work and they forget to take their dog outside to go to the toilet, it can make the dog do their business inside the owner’s home. If it happens for some time, it will be hard to handle. If this is the problem, the owner really has to set a schedule and stick with it. The owner must take the dog outside and permit the dog to go to the toilet after the dog wakes up in the morning, after each meal, after a nap, and before the dog goes to bed at night. If it is done consistently, the dog will understand that they have to go to the toilet outside.

The French Bulldog Is Too Young

Some French Bulldog owners may hope that their dog can go to the toilet in the correct place as soon as possible so that the owner trains the puppy when the puppy is still very young. When the owner does it, they have to imagine that they are potty-training a child who is 2 years old where it means that they cannot expect the child to be able to do what the parent is trying to teach the child right away. It also happens similarly to the French Bulldog puppy. It is important for the owner to consider the age of the puppy when they want to potty-train them and also the owner needs to give the dog some time to get accustomed to the place where they have to go to the toilet. Usually, the owner can start potty-training the puppy when the puppy is about 12 weeks or 3 months old. It is because at this age, the puppy starts to gain more control of his bladder. The owner can estimate the time interval of taking the puppy outside by adding 1 to the age of the dog in months. For example, the French Bulldog puppy is 4 months old, so the puppy should be able to hold his bladder for up to 5 hours.

The French Bulldog Puppy Is Used to Be In The Same Place

If the owner keeps the French Bulldog puppy in the same place most of the time, it will likely cause issues when the owner is potty training the puppy. Let’s say that the puppy is used to being left outdoors and the owner all of a sudden decides to take the puppy indoors. When it happens, the puppy may think that urinating on the owner’s carpet is the same as peeing by squatting on the grass. It means that the puppy will not know the difference. The solution is that the owner needs to familiarize the puppy with the different areas at home and point out where the puppy needs to go to the toilet. By doing this, the puppy will be able to know the difference between inside and outside. Knowing the signs that the French Bulldog puppy wants to go to the toilet is also important.

There Is A Medical Condition Suffered by the French Bulldog Puppy

If the French Bulldog puppy has a certain health condition, it may also cause the puppy to pee or poop more often than the puppy is supposed to. When it happens and the owner does not realize what the puppy suffered from, the owner may think that the puppy does not want to be potty trained. If the owner has done everything to potty train the puppy, but it does not give the result, the owner needs to take the puppy to the vet because it is possible that the puppy suffered from something that makes the puppy pee or poop more than what is expected.

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