Isabella Merle French Bulldog Information

Merle is one of French Bulldog colors which is not recognized by the American Kennel Club since this organization only recognizes cream, brindle, brindle and white, fawn, fawn brindle and white, fawn and white, white, white and fawn, and white and brindle. Do you want to know the information about Isabella merle French bulldogs? Let’s see about this dog below.

According to the Ethical Frenchie site, Isabella is one of the newest colors in the French Bulldog breed. This shade is a new shade of lilac and it is also called ‘true lilac’. Same as a lilac French Bulldogs, Isabella bulldog is also produced from a blue and chocolate DNA, but this shade has more champagne look if they are compared with the regular lilac.

Isabella merle French bulldog becomes the rarest and most expensive color in the French bulldog breed where the price can range around $15,000 to 50,000.

Isabella Merle French Bulldog Information

According to the Pawscessories site, Isabella merle French bulldog is a dog which has the Isabella coat and also has the merle gene. Their coats will be splotched with patches of different colors and usually their eyes are blue.

Well, there is not much information that I got about Isabelle merle French bulldogs. Now, you may wonder about the kinds of merle French bulldogs. The information about it can be read below.

Several Kinds of Merle French Bulldogs

Merle French Bulldogs are available in different color variations. The common coat colors are blue merle and red merle, but merle blue, merle black, and merle lilac are the major color variations. As explained on the Bulldog Papa site, other hues of merle colors in French bulldogs are present depending on the dominant gene that is diluted.

In the list below, you are able to read different kinds of merle French Bulldogs according to the Bulldog Papa site.

  • Black Merle

A black merle French bulldog is able to occur if the dominant gene in a French bulldog is black. The black merle occurs in merles with hues of fawn, tan, and black.

  • Blue Merle

The blue color which can be seen on this merle is not a result of a blue gene in this dog. It is important for you to note that the base coat of the dog is black but in a diluted form. So, it gives the fur coat a bluish color. The bluish pigmentation also affects the French Bulldog’s eyes.

  • Red Merle

French bulldogs with this color are bulldogs which have a liver brown base color speckled with other colors to make a Merle pattern. You may wonder about the difference between a red merle and blue merle. Well, the difference between them is in the base color where the red merle has liver brown base color, while the blue merle has a diluted black.

  • Lilac Merle

You may also have heard that this color is the rarest one. As a result, it is hard to find a lilac merle French bulldog for sale. For your information, this color is basically a mixture of a blue base color like in the blue merle with chocolate brown which gives it the lilac color. This pigmentation makes the French bulldogs have lighter eyes. There is a new shade of lilac merle pattern where it is called Isabella or true lilac. Isabella or true lilac is similar to the regular lilac but it has more champagne in color and it becomes one of the most expensive merle patterns.

  • Chocolate Merle

It has a dark brown fur coat and their eyes are able to be green or brown.

  • Tan Merle

It has brownish patches on a tan base color and the color makes the French bulldog have a pink nose and their paws are also light brown.

  • White merle

This color is one of the most common merle patterns. The French bulldog with this color has a white base color speckled with patches of tan and brown. Let’s say that there is a puppy which is produced by two merle French bulldogs where the puppy is called a double merle. If so, the puppy is able to have a dominant white base color with some patches of other colors. However, you need to note that a white merle does not always refer to a double merle.

Several Things to Know About Isabella French Bulldogs

According to the Ned Hardy site, there are several things that you need to know about Isabella French bulldogs as you can read below.

  • Isabella French Bulldogs are the same as any other French Bulldogs, but Isabella French Bulldogs have a unique coloring on its coats. It is the same as a liver-colored coat, but with a gray-blue hue to it. Often, it is compared to lilac or blue Frenchies. They usually have light brown eyes or blue and the skin around their mouth, nose and eyes tend to be pink.
  • To be able to breed an Isabella French Bulldog, both parents must have a blue and chocolate gene.
  • The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not accept Isabella French Bulldogs.
  • Since it has recessive genes, some specific health issues can be suffered by Isabella French Bulldogs. The dog may be able to suffer from malformed spines or alopecia. The dog’s adorable snub nose can cause the dog some respiratory issues as well. For them, breathing is able to be difficult. They also have flat face features and it can make them very sensitive to anesthesia. So, there are some reasons why Isabella or even other French Bulldogs need to visit a vet. It is because they may suffer from cherry eye, Juvenile cataracts, entropion, skin allergies, and autoimmune skin disorders.
  • French Bulldogs can’t swim because they are front-heavy and would not be successful to swim even though they do that in the shallowest body of water.
  • French Bulldogs are sociable and friendly in general. These dogs are playful and they also love to be cuddled.
  • The requirements of exercise for this dog are low. The reason why their need to exercise is low is because Frenchies are small and they are genetically predisposed to breathing difficulties.

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