American Bulldog vs. Pitbull

Welcome to the page! This article will focus on American Bulldog Pitbull, the comparison between American Bulldog and Pitbull. Due to the fact that a lot of people are confused regarding those two types of dog, this article is made for a help. Is an American Bulldog a Pitbull? The answer to the question is no. American Bulldog is Bulldog and Pitbull is Pitbull. Even though two of them have the comparable physical appearance, they are clearly different. For those the pet lover, especially of dogs, then it must be easy for you to differentiate the two.

The American Bulldog is counted as the pure-bred dog. This kind of dog is originally for hunting and guarding. People believe that this one has evolved from English Bulldogs. It is such an easy thing to divide Bulldogs into categories of bully, standard, or hybrid. The size of them can make it easy. The word Pitbull usually refers to the three distinct breeds of dogs. Those are the American Pitbull Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Staffordshire Terrier. This kind of breed is such a good worker as they can help farmers to manage farms.
What is the different between the American Bulldog and the Pitbull? When looking for the difference between the two, the focus is centered on some aspects such as the physical appearance, the size, the reputation, and the temperament.

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The American Bulldog has the tall body with the deep and broad chest. These kinds of dog are so loyal towards the owners and family owners. They are also active, sociable, and have the high athletic potential. The average weight of them range between 30 to 58 kg when they are full grown. As for the height, they can between 20 to 26 inches measured from the shoulder. On the other side, the Pitbull dogs are shorter and weight can be less when they are adults. Due to the size, some people stated that the maximum size of Pitbull equals to the minimum size of American Bulldog.

Aside from the size, the head and the snout can show distinctive features when you compare the two kinds of dogs. In general, Pitbull has 50/50 head or snout ratio. It means that the half of the head’s length is the skull and the other one is the snout. As comparison, the American Bulldog ranges from 55/45 to 80/20 head or snout ratio. In addition, the American Bulldog has wrinkles on their heads, especially around the mouth. It is such a clear sign. Meanwhile, Pitbull does not have any of those wrinkles and has much tighter skin.

When it comes to the temperament, the American Bulldog has the stable temperament and attitude. As for Pitbull, they are known to have the small dog tendencies. This one makes them more energetic and playful. Therefore, Pitbull needs a lot of training from the early age to make sure that the energy is not turned into something bad and dangerous.

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