American Pitbull Terrier Puppies

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American Pit bull Terrier is a dog breed. This is a dog with medium size, solidly built, intelligent and has short hair and the early ancestors are from the British Isles. If you compare it with the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit bull terrier is bigger. This dog is various in size. The males are usually about 18 to 21 inches in height and around 35 to 60 pounds in weight. A little bit different from males, the females are usually around 17 to 20 inches in height and 30 to 50 pounds in weight.

Because American Pit bull is categorized into a playful, friendly and loyal dog. That’s why people want to have American Pitbull puppies. Nevertheless, they have a fearsome reputation that is mostly caused by their fighting past. Today, there are still many owners breed them to be aggressive dogs so that it makes public opinion mistakenly label any pit bull as dangerous. American pit bull terrier can have unstable temperaments and this unstable temperament is caused by selective breeding done in the past when they were raised and trained for fighting in the ring. But now, responsible breeders are searching for different characteristics like willingness to please, playfulness and a friendly nature. If you breed this dog responsibly, the American Pit bull terrier likes being around humans and kids. It is affectionate, obedient, gentle, but always ready to protect her. When it lives with the other pets, you have to be careful because this dog can show signs of animal aggression particularly to the other dogs. It also can chase the other animals such as cats, chickens or livestock and it is possible to injure them. So, if you are interested in adopting this kind of dog especially a red nose American pit bull terrier puppy, you can look for Red Nose American Pitbull Terrier puppies for sale online.

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American Pit Bull Terriers are usually healthy but they are like all breeds, they can be prone to certain health conditions. If you want to adopt this kind of dog, you have to be aware of some kinds of diseases that may be had by this dog including Allergies, Hip Dysplasia, Heart Disease, and Hypothyroidism. If you are a new in having this kind of dog, perhaps you do not really know how to care for them. You can spend an hour a day for playing, walking or exercising. This dog is strong for their size and it can be stubborn if they are left to their own devices. So, you can start obedience training early and then continue it throughout the life of the dog. For your information, training is the foundation for a strong relationship with your American Pit Bull Terrier. This dog should not be left outside for long since they cannot tolerate the cold well. How about the feeding? Well, you can give daily amount 1.5 to 2.5 cups of high quality dry food and it is divided into two meals.

Well, if you are looking for American Pitbull puppies for sale, you can visit some websites such The site provides a convenient and efficient means of choosing and buying the perfect American Pit Bull Terrier puppy from the comfort of your home.

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