Average Pitbull Height

One of the most popular dogs in the entire world is Pitbull. This kind of dog is known as dogs that are muscular, courageous, agile, fiercely loyal, and strong. Pitbull is big but the size can vary. Because they can vary in size, some organizations including UCK state that in the terms of showing dogs, there must be a suggested standard for Pitbull dog height and weight. These two things are so important along with the balance and the proportion.

For those who are looking for the height of Pitbull on the Internet, you have to remember to not mistaken with Pitbull rapper height on your search. To filter your search, you can put “dog” to your search. By adding this word, the page unlikely will show the height of Pitbull the rapper. How big Pitbull can get? It all depends on the number of factors. Actually, as Pitbull is not counted as the breed of dog by AKC, there is no standard for them. However, there are some organizations related to dogs that make the standard themselves.

Average Pitbull Height

Average Pitbull Height 2

Average Pitbull Height 3
So, what is the suggested Pitbull height dog standard? Despite the fact that a lot of organizations such as UKC, IOEBA, and so on focus more on some things like balanced proportions rather than strict numbers when it comes to the height, all of them know that Pitbull specimens do fall within the minimum height. Apparently, for male Pitbull dogs, the average height measured from the shoulder is generally ranges from 15 to 21 inches. As for the males, the average height is between 14 to 20 inches. Here are the details of the average height of various Pitbull.

The first one is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This kind of dog is counted as the purebred dog but sometimes it is referred to as the Pitbull. The average height of this dog will range from 14 to 16 inches. As for the weight, they can range from 24 to 38 pounds. You have to take a note that the males are usually bigger than the females.
The second one is American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This one is different with the common Staffordshire Bull Terrier. However, two of them sometimes are called Pitbull. The males of this dog can stand as tall as 17 to 19 inches, while the females are between 16 to 18 inches. As for the weights, it is between 57 and 67 pounds.

The third one is America Pitbull. The size of this kind of Pitbull can vary from 14 to 24 inches and 22 to 78 pounds. Do not forget that the exact size of dog does not matter as long as they have a good body proportions.
If you have any question related to the average Pitbull height, please seek a help from the breeder. You can also ask the other things such as how to make the Pitbull weight chart. Making a chart can be the good thing to know the growth of your Pitbull.

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