Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone with Other Dogs?

French Bulldogs hate to be left alone at home for a very long time. However, you may also need to do some activities outside, including going to work. Of course, you should leave your French Bulldog alone for several hours.

To prevent anxiety on your French Bulldog, you may think to take care of another dog, so they have friends around. However, you’re worried whether your French Bulldogs will be good with other dogs or not, for fear of unwanted things to happen. To know the real facts about it, you can see our post below!

Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone with Other Dogs

Can You Leave Your French Bulldog Alone with Other Dogs?

Fortunately, Yes! You can really leave your French Bulldog with other dogs, as long as you take care of dog breeds that have similar personality and characteristics. Since they really hate to be alone, having friends around will make them happy as well. The French Bulldog can also easily adapt to the other dogs sooner than many other breeds.

It is known that French Bulldogs will really love to play and they will not harass or harm other dogs, as long as other dogs reciprocate in kind. Of course, a new playmate that has a similar personality will likely be very welcome.

Due to French Bulldogs being susceptible to separation anxiety and hate being all by themselves, taking care of another dog at home can be a great solution for those who often leave their French Bulldogs alone at home.

That’s no wonder French Bulldogs won’t mind having even a hamster, cat or even kids around rather than being left alone for several hours.

How to Ensure Your French Bulldog Gets Along with Other Dogs?

Before leaving your French Bulldog and another dog alone at home, you may need to ensure whether your French Bulldog gets along with other dogs or not. You may need to supervise them to see their behaviour.

Okay, let’s see some tips and tricks you can do to ensure your French Bulldog gets along with other dogs!

1) Early socialization is key

Early socialization and training are very essential. If you have a plan to bring another dog, you need to ensure you socialize your existing dogs first. You can take your French Bulldog to dog parks or people having pets.

You also need to ensure your French Bulldog meets a lot of dogs before bringing home your other dogs. If necessary, you can enroll your French Bulldog in dog obedience or puppy kindergarten, so that it can get used to all kinds of dogs. If you have a French Bulldog at home, you need to ensure another dog you get is at least social.

2) Make sure their personality match

You really know that the French Bulldog is a calm and quiet dog. Of course, you can get another dog which is also quiet. If you use this way, it will complement the lifestyle and energy level of your pet’s lifestyle.

3) Make sure to supervise all interactions

However, it is particularly true when introducing a French Bulldog to an adult dog. You should know reckless puppies frequently try to play with adult dogs without knowing boundaries.

4) Introduce them in neutral location first

It is known that your French Bulldog really wants to protect its territory from other dogs. Before leaving them alone, you may need to make both meet in a neutral turf. The location here can be a dog park or a large playground or an enclosed yard. You can then allow them to run, play and sniff each other.

5) Never threaten or punish your dog

If your French Bulldog does not get along with other dogs, you shouldn’t threaten or punish your dog. Instead, you may need to look for help from a canine behaviourist or a dog trainer.

6) Ignore jealous or possessive behaviour

If your French Bulldog indicates jealousy and tries to stop you from petting the other dog, ignoring it. What you should do is to give your dogs attention on your own terms. Your pet will immediately understand and respect it a lot.

7) Provide separate resources

Keep in mind, all dogs are wired to be possessive of their dog food. So, you shouldn’t feed your pets from the same bowl. Make sure to always separate treats, food and beds. By doing this way, you can ensure both pets and there will not be any competition or tussle for resources.

Why Is Your French Bulldog Unfriendly with Other Dogs?

The good news, if your French Bulldog can get along with other dogs. However, what if it was the other way around? Of course, this will be a disaster in your house. Certainly, there are some reasons why your French Bulldog does not get along with other dogs. Here they are;

1) Fear

Your French Bulldog may be scared of dogs that are larger than itself. A past traumatic experience may be able to trigger such fear and also your French Bulldogs might have been attacked by another dog. In fact, many rescued or adopted dogs from animal shelters will become aggressive because of fear-based traumatic events.

2) Wrong signals given by owners

If you are worried, fearful or also frustrated about your dog’s behaviour when another dog approaches, you may need to read into the reactions and associate it with the approach of the other dogs.

However, it can really trigger your pet to aggressively behave. In turn, you may need to tighten its leash or threaten or also punish your pet to stop that behaviour. Of course, it will only serve to heighten your pet’s fear and anxiety.

3) Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the reasons why your French Bulldog cannot get along with other dogs. Your pet may be afraid to lose your attention after seeing another dog exist around you. Of course, your French Bulldog may not let the other dogs or other pets snuggle or cuddle with you. well, it may even attack another dog or pet which gets close to you.

Of course, there are so many other reasons why your French Bulldog cannot get along with other dogs or other pets.

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