Cesar Millan Pitbull Training Tips

Caesar Millan is a popular dog behaviour specialist who is also known as a Dog Whisperer on TV. He has been teaching the pitbulls or any dog breeds owners in case of training their dog. He also has aided a lot of people in overcoming behaviour issues with their dogs including aggression and fear.

Millan is self-taught and boasts an extensive understanding of dogs and finds out the reason why the dogs behave the way that they do. The Dog Whisperer is broadcasted on The National Geographic Channel. On the show, he teaches the people about dog behaviour.

Cesar Millan Pitbull Training Tips

Well, are you looking for Caesar Millan’s tips on dog training? If so, you’re at the right page now as this post will show you a bunch of Caesar Millan’s tip for training the dog, including the pitbulls. Here are they:

Always have a good plan

Of course, a consistent daily routine will give your pitbull the peace of mind of knowing what to expect for each part of the day. In this case, your dog will know when you leave for work and you will be home at some point. He will know by holding his bladder until then as he knows the pattern you have already taught him.

In fact, the canines are creatures of habit. With an unpredictable routine, it will cause anxiety and stress in dogs. So, when you leave them alone at home, they will not know how long to expect you to be gone. They may bark, whine or howl out of fear or they may destroy your leather couch out of frustration.

Walk your dog as a leader

Walking your dog is one of the main components for successful training. Caesar Millan makes walking your dog as one of his priorities, while many dog owners ignore this process. He educates the dog owners on why it is important to walk your pooch with supremacy.

Some of the main components are to have your dog stop whenever you stop without any vocal commands, to always keep your dog next to you but not in front of you, to always stay ‘in the same zone’ with your Fido. Moreover, these principles are what helps professional dog walkers to sustain their business when they need to walk five, ten or fifteen dogs at a time.

Exercise is not optional

Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners fail to meet their dog’s exercise requirements. Aside from the health issues, Millan mentions that dogs that exercise less are more likely to develop behavioral problems, and are less responsive to training. Otherwise, a healthy, happy and well-exercised dog is eager to please and always ready to listen.

One of the most essential of Millan’s tips is that a lonely, frustrated or bored dog is likely to develop all kinds of bad habits in an effort to entertain himself. Of course, you have to research and address the root cause before trying to fix those bad habits.

Stay in control

In fact, staying in control is important and it is different from ‘alpha dog’ training. Just like dogs crave a structured daily routine, they also operate best within a well-defined social structure. If you make yourself as the confident pack leader, we think that your dog will learn to respect and trust your commands.

According to Millan’s tips,  if you do not stand your ground, your pitbull will challenge your authority constantly. In time, he will then see himself as the pack leader and expect you to defer to his authority instead.

Keep your cool

Talking of cool, you can try your best to maintain it. You should notice that your dog training sometimes can be slow. That’s very slow. It can lead to frustration that can cause you to lose your cool. Sure, your dog will shoot your anxiety and see it as a chance to challenge your authority.

However, this will only fuel your frustration that compounds the problem. It will quickly lead to training deteriorates and progress can grind to a halt. To avoid this kind of breakdown in training, Millan suggests to set realistic goals and adjust them as you go along. In this case, patience is the main key to successful dog training.

Train yourself too

To stay in control, you should train and educate yourself as well as possible. The reason why Millan is always accepted by digs is his knowledge about their behaviour. If you want to project an air of confidence to your dog, you should first be confident in yourself.

In this case, your commands should be clear and straight to the point which show confidence in your actions and voice and demonstrate that you really know what you are doing. What you should do is to start educating yourself ahead of time.

Know what you want to reach before starting a training session with your bull. Make sure to always anticipate possible issues, so you are able to handle them without losing your cool.

Don’t humanize dogs

When training the dog, you should never humanize dogs as your dog will learn to behave like a human if you treat them like a human. One of the examples that Millan uses is if your dog sees you as an equal, he will compete with you for dominance.

Worse, your dog may try to assert dominance over people he does not know that can lead to dangerous aggressive behavior. Even though it can be tempting, however, humanizing a dog will only make their life harder for the both of you. Otherwise, you shouldn’t completely alienate your pooch.

Outside of training, you should keep your attention for your dog because there is no reason not to care for your dog. Well, a vital part of dog whisperer tips is that a dog who accepts and knows his role as a domesticated canine will accept that dynamic as long as his needs are met. Sure, it will lead to a very trainable dog and a happier life for both of you.

Okay, those are a bunch of Caesar Millan pitbull training tips that you should practice. Good Luck!!!

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