Extreme Pocket Bully for Sale

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You may want to adopt a dog which looks strong but also cute because of their size. In other words, you want to adopt a dog which looks unique. Well, you are able to adopt an extreme pocket bully. Actually, there are some types of Bully including small bully like pocket bully. What are they? Continue to read this article.

Actually, bully is classified into some types and it is great for you to know about it to help with learning what style you prefer and for all around knowledge of the breed. First is classic bully. This kind of bully is the 90s style early American Bully, the way it looked in the infant stage of the breed. This bully resembles Pitbull the closest of any bullies.

They size of them are 17 to 20″ tall, lean and more streamlined and thin as well. They have less bulk, less bone mass and also less head size. Second is Standard bully. This type of bully is what style the breed is based around and in the show ring is considered the base standard of the breed. Same as classic bully, this bully is 17 to 20″ tall, powerful and has a large blocky head. This dog has heavy bone but it is still light on its feet and elegant in its movement. It also has a short back and muscular build. Next is Pocket. This bully is under 17″ tall and they are short but powerful.

They also look massive even in their small stature. They have a big, blocky, chiseled head, short back, and a lot of bone mass and muscle on their frame. There is also Extreme Bully. This is the newest category of the American Bully and it was brought to life by legends and some of the most popular bullies of all time, legends like Kurupt, CH Bane, Kryptonite, and CH Mo MOney. This dog has to overcome a lot of diversity to be excepted into the ABKC.

This dog is actually Standard Bully but it is with everything, larger head, more bone, more mass and also shorter muzzle. Next is Exotic Bully. This is not recognized by the ABKC but it is arguably the most famous at this time. This type of bully is kind of a Pocket but with Extreme features. This type of bully is much shorter than even the Pocket bully. It has massive girth for its size and the shape of the head is smashed up and round. They vary greatly because of the fact that there is no set standard for them. All they need to be is eye catching. Examples of this bully are Mr. Miagi and Bullseye.

If you are interested in having extreme pocket bully, you are able to find extreme pocket bully for sale in breeders. You are able to start finding it in an online breeders. It is known that this kind of small dog has health issues. So, before you adopt it, make sure that you ask a lot of questions to the breeder about the care. 

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