French Bulldog Ear Positions Chart

Ears are the part of French Bulldogs’ body, they oftentimes use to express what they are feeling. The shape of their ears is one of French Bulldog’s most notable characteristics. French Bulldogs have bat-like pointy ears which normally stand up, allowing them to hear more of the sounds around them.

There are some signs that indicate what a French Bulldog is feeling through ears. Of course, each ear shape will indicate a certain emotion of the French Bulldog. If you are wondering what a French Bulldog is feeling and how their ears indicate it, you can see the French Bulldog ear position through our post below!

French Bulldog Ear Positions Chart

French Bulldog Ear Positions

Here’s the French Bulldog Ear positions table that indicates each emotion of the French Bulldog!

Ear Position


Straight up ears Curious
Pointed slightly outward


Shrinking ears Frightened
Straight up ears


Straight up and tilt towards the sounds Attentive
Pointy ears/ blade ears


Here’s the explanation!

1) Straight up ears/ curious ears

If their ears are sticking straight up, French Bulldogs may be curious about anything. You may see your dog will look like he is listening or looking to hear more. Their ears will be fully extended above the head. Aside from that, your French Bulldogs probably tilt their head to indicate that they’re curious.

If they show signs of curiosity shown by their straight up ears, you may need to speak with them and give them commands. You can also try to view what they’re curious about and how you can really help them understand. Furthermore, they may try to interpret your commands and you just need to help show them.

2) Excited ears that pointed slightly outward

If your French Bulldogs are excited about something, their ears may commonly point slightly outward. Of course, they might have wrinkles in their forehead when their ears move outwards. However, it will be great if your French Bulldog is excited. Of course, they may be excited to play with you, meet a new friend or love for a treat. If they are excited, make sure to enjoy your French Bulldog’s good mood and keep them happy.

3) Shrinking ears/ frightened ears

You can know that your French Bulldog is frightened through their shrinking ears. If they are frightened, they will have their ears back and even their body language may show shrinking. You may need to do what you can to determine what is frightening them.

It is very possible that getting a bath, a loud noise or a stranger probably frightens them. Certainly, you do not always protect your French Bulldog from every stranger, loud noise and surely not from bathing. However, you can know what scares them, so that you can be ready to offer extra comfort as they indicate signs of being frightened.

4) Straight up ears/ alert ears

When your French Bulldogs show alert ears, they may be curious about something and will stand all the way up and sort of perk to hear a sound. However, alert ears probably change direction towards where a sound is coming from.

If your French Bulldogs are showing signs of alert ears, they try to determine if a sound is playful or dangerous. French Bulldogs may be aware of danger nearby. You need to watch them and ensure they do not run off to chase whatever is catching their attention.

5) Straight up ears/ attentive ears

When your French Bulldog shows the straight up ears that look like them standing all the way up and titling towards the sound. Your French Bulldog will be able to rotate their ears in the direction of a sound and narrow in on one certain sound.

If you see your French Bulldog with attentive ears, that means that they are picking up on a certain sound and finding it. It probably happens once they have had alert ears and similar to alert ears that you have to watch your pup to ensure they do not run away chasing after whatever they hear. Your French Bulldogs could be paying attention to danger nearby, so stay alert yourself for whatever their ears hear.

6) Pointy ears/ blade ears

When your French Bulldogs are in high-speed pursuit of prey or play, French Bulldogs will show pointy ears/ blade ears. Their ears are standing up, but they are turned slightly outwards. They will commonly be running quickly once something.

Pointy ears are not a concern on your French Bulldog, unless they chase prey which they must not be chasing. What you should do is to just watch them and ensure your French Bulldog stays safe and out of trouble.

Okay, those are some signs shown by the shape of French Bulldog’s ears, indicating they are feeling.

Why Do Your French Bulldog Ears Stand Up?

Since your French Bulldogs have gone through teething, your French Bulldog’s ears will stand up. It is because a French Bulldog uses calcium for teething, but when the teething process is completed that extra calcium will be distributed throughout the body that makes their ears stand up.

Foods with high calcium and yogurt have been known to assist a French Bulldog’s ears stand up. However, it has not been proven scientifically. Of course, you should be careful if you change your French Bulldog’s diet.

What to Do If Your French Bulldogs’ Ears Do Not Stand Up?

You shouldn’t worry about your French Bulldogs’ ears standing up, unless it has been more than ten weeks, as they were born. However, if you do not see their ears popping up after ten weeks yet, you may need to try taping their ears up to grow into their normal shape.

What you should do is to simply take masking tape around the base of a French Bulldog puppy’s ears. Then, you can keep the tape about 1.5 inches wide, lying flat on the ears. If it is not flat, it can wrinkle on their ears.

You can also position their ears at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock, so that they are straight up. You can then leave the tape on their ears for 4 to 5 days. After that, you can cut the tape between their ears and gently peel it off.

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