How Big Does a Pitbull Jack Russell Mix Get

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The Jack Pit is a term for a dog which is the result of a cross between the Jack Russell and Pitbull. When you need a hybrid dog as your companion, we think that The Jack Pit is a great choice for you. Why? The Jack Pit is well-known as a highly friendly and energetic dog, so it will be perfect as your pet.

Before you pick out The Jack Pit, you may need to learn some things about this dog, as it is a hybrid dog that will relate to their parents both Jack Russell Terrier or Pitbull Terrier. If you need more information about this, no worries, this post will show it for you.

How Big Does a Pitbull Jack Russell Mix Get

Identifying the Size of the Jack Pit

Naturally, the size and the appearance of a hybrid dog will vary, depending on their parents, they may be bigger or smaller or even in the same litter. On average, the Jack Pit size is between 30 to 48 pounds in weight and approximately 14 to 17 inches in height. And for females, they could be a bit smaller than males.

Make sure to understand that a mixed breed between a Jack Russell and Pitbull Terrier is not a large dog. Aside from that, that’s also related to whether the Jack Pit takes more physical genes from Pitbull Terrier or Jack Russell Terrier. We can conclude that there will be a 50/50 chance with crossbreeds.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about your Jack pet’s size, as its size has no exact standards, especially since they are a hybrid mixed breed. Certainly, they will depend on their parent’s gene influence.

The Appearance of Jack Pit

If we discuss a crossbreed, it is not easy to predict the appearance of a mixed dog. In fact, the hybrid dog will take a significant appearance from their parents. You may hope that your crossbreed will be the same as their parents, but the appearance of Jack Pit will also depend on what breed will mostly influence the dog.

In the case where the Jack Russell Terrier wins genetically and is expected to be a smaller hybrid. On the contrary, the result may be significantly bigger. A lot of people find that the Pit Bull Terrier is an aggressive-looking breed.

Nevertheless, the crossbreed between Jack Russell Terrier and Pitbull will generate a small dog in between the sizes of Pitbulls and Jack Russel. In this case, the size of the hybrid dog will depend on the influence of either parent’s genes.

You may see that Jack Pit has a muscular body with short and dense muscles. Moreover, they really have a short coat like their parents. Aside from that, Jack Pits also have triangular-shaped folded ears. Sure, there will be a possibility of having a strong and square-shaped jawline, however it will depend on the gene’s influence.

Additionally, the Jack Pit may have an aggressive look, because of their body shape, the folded ears and short coat. Sure, you might have found the Jack Pits are the same size as Pitbull though the Jack Russell Terrier is small. Nevertheless, the Jack Pit’s size would differ even within the same litter.

What Does Jack Pit’s Parents Look Like?

The Jack Pit is a hybrid breed as a combination between Jack Russell Terrier and Pitbull. As we know, both are medium-sized dogs. You may know that both are playful, energetic and also powerful dogs. So, it does not wonder if Jack Pit is also a playful, friendly and a hybrid dog that needs more exercise.

Jack Russell Terrier is a stubborn dog breed that is well-known as one of the most loyal and trainable dogs. If you are willing to give an extra time to play with them, they surely will deserve better.

Jack Russel is a great owner who really loves exercise, as the dogs will be comfortable a lot with training. Aside from that, the owner should give them enough space to allow them to get lots of exercise and training.

You may need to be patient when teaching  them, as they will not easily accept your instructions. Make sure to bring them to socialize, as it will avoid them being aggressive or may try hunting your other pets.

Talking about Pitbull, you may already know that they are extremely dangerous and powerful dogs. Many people think that they are very vicious, but that’s totally wrong, as Pitbulls are friendly as long as you treat them well.

They become dangerous and vicious that cannot be separated from their history where they were bred to compete in blood sports and other violent activities. So, what you find today is a Pitbull with a ferocious and dangerous dog.

How Does the Jack Pit’s Temperament?

Need to know, Jack Pits are humble and lovely dogs that they really respect owners and family members. Moreover, Jack Pit also has a friendly attitude with strangers that is contrary to their aggressive appearance.

The Jack Pit can sometimes be aggressive with other dogs and strangers, sometimes they are not. On the contrary, Jack Russell still keeps his fox hunting spirit. It means that they probably still attack small animals if they want. That’s why you need to socialize your Jack Pit from a very young age to teach them until they fully accept other dogs around.

The Jack Pits are smart and intelligent dogs that can adapt to the situation and also read the human behaviours. Moreover, Jack Pit has a gentle attitude towards kids and other pets. So, if you have a plan to raise Jack Pit with your small kids, make sure to train them well at a very young age. You also need to teach your kids the correct way to approach the Jack Pit.

They are also  a perfectly friendly dog breed that will be great for you who want a dog with unconditional love. But if you need a protective dog, the Jack Pit is not the right option for you.

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