How Many Pit Bulls are Euthanized a Year

Do you know that Pitbulls are the most abused and the most euthanized? Well, even though pitbulls have strong and aggressive impression, and even there are a number of cases where pitbulls kill people and other animals, but it does not mean that we can abuse and euthanize them.

The Number of Pitbulls Euthanized Each Year

The estimation of the number of pitbulls euthanized each year is different from every source that we found as you can see below.

  • According to Investigation PETA website at, there are around 3 to 4 million animals euthanized every year for lack of a good home.
  • According to Kennel To Couch, there are studies which estimate that up to 1 million pits are euthanized per year or 2,800 per day and some estimates are up to double that number. (Save a Bull Rescue)
  • According to the Arm The Animals, each year, there are 1.2 million dogs are euthanized and around 40% of them are pit bulls. It means that almost half a million pitbull type dogs are killed in shelters per year. From all the common dog types which appear in shelter, pit bulls have the most possibility to be euthanized, but they are the third most likely to be adopted.

From the information that we got above, we are able to conclude that there are a lot of pitbulls which are euthanized each year and this is not a small number. It means that this case is serious.

How Many Pit Bulls are Euthanized a Year

The Reasons Why Pitbulls Are Euthanized

If you are a pitbull lover, or even animal lover, it may be sad for you to hear that there are a lot of pitbulls which are abandoned, abused and even euthanized. But, why do these dogs get this kind of treatment?

Well, in the United States, there are 3 to 5 million pitbulls. The fact is that shelters around the country are overwhelmed with the lack of space and money for taking care of those pitbulls. So, some people do an effort to encourage people to adopt pitbulls. One of their efforts is to waive adoption fees. However, despite efforts by adoption advocates and rescues, adoption is not enough to vanish the increasing rates of pit bull euthanasia.

So, the reasons why pitbulls are euthanized is because pitbulls are over population and some people try to euthanize them as an effort to decrease the number of pitbulls in the country.

As explained at Kennel to Couch, Save-a-Bull equates practice which are done now only to push adoption to 'put a band-aid on a gushing wound'. It is because the key to decreasing pit bull deaths is to slow their reproduction. The organization states that simple math can exemplify that a dog's two litters of pups per year could generate almost 67,000 dogs in a 6 year reproductive lifespan. So, until Pit bulls spay and neuter rates increase, the rates of pit bulls put to sleep will go on to soar.

The American Veterinary Medical Association gives a support to spay and neuter procedures because it can help prevent unwanted litters, protect against health problems and decrease behavioural problems which are related to the mating instincts.

Same as any other procedures, there are risks which are involved. Nevertheless, sterilization has a very low incidence of complications. Before the procedure is done, a veterinarian needs to consulted.

Besides pit bulls are overpopulation or has increased breeding rates, another reason why pit bulls are euthanized is because of negative stereotypes. There is a study which is done by Arizona State University which states that the stigma surrounding the term 'pit bull' is very intense, even just mention a dog as a pit may prolong the process of them in finding a home. Lisa Gunter, the lead author of the study wrote that very similar-looking dogs sometimes are labeled 'pit bull' and other times as something completely different. In addition, she wrote that these dogs may look and act the same, but the pit bull label makes them wait longer to be adopted.

Breed specific legislation is another reason of why euthanized is done to pit bulls. As explained on Gentle Pit website that various cities across the nation adhere to breed specific legislation or BSL. According to Stand Up For Pits Foundation, they note that this type of legislation bans and/ or restricts 'types' of dogs based on their appearance. According to the ASPCA, BSL is applied in an effort to decrease attacks of dog on humans and other animals. However, there is no evidence that breed-specific laws make communities safer for people or companion animals.

Sometimes, BSL force people who are living in cities that ban certain breeds to give up their canine companion. These dogs may spend the rest of their lives at a shelter, where finally they may be euthanized.

How to Help Pitbulls From Being Euthanized

If you want to help pitbulls from being euthanized, you are able to do that by adopting or fostering pitbulls if you are looking for a dog. However, if you are not able to adopt them, you are able to take the time to be a vocal pit bull advocate on social media and in your daily life.

Another way that you can do to help pitbulls from abuse or euthanization is to report to an organization which care to this case. Everytime you see pitbulls abuse or pitbull euthanization, you can take action by contacting the local authorities and you can also follow up by reporting to an organization which care of this thing. One of the organizations which handle this thing is AJLA. AJLA stands for Animal Justice League of America. The aim of creating American Justice League of America (AJLA) is to be able to help bring an end to animal abuse and real accountability for animal abusers throughout all 50 states. This organization works with animal welfare organizations like shelters and rescue groups to save dogs from abusive situations. Besides, they also work with law enforcement to make sure that the law is upheld and strict penalties are given to people who do animal abuse.

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