How to Breed French Bulldogs Naturally

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French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world. One of the reasons that make them popular is their unique look. Not only that, they are also adorable in size. As the demand for them is high, you may assume that there are a dozen breeders out there. In fact, there are only a few of them because mating and breeding this breed is not easy and full of challenges.

As the owners of French Bulldogs, it is normal when you think that breeding this breed is a quick way to make money. However, your mind may be changed when finding out that there are the issues surrounding this breed being able to breed naturally and mate or reproduce under their own steam.

How to Breed French Bulldogs Naturally

Can French Bulldogs breed naturally? If the answer to the question is yes, then how do they do that? It is not easy for the French Bulldogs to breed naturally. Even if they can, the price can skyrocketed because it is rare. If you are interested in becoming a breeder, you should know that the process is more complicated than you probably think. It is more just putting two dogs in a room and letting them do their thing.

For your information, it is not easy for the French Bulldogs to mate even though they have working penises and testicles and have the ability to produce semen. The main reason is because they are not capable of properly regulating temperatures due to their short noses and short coat. Basically, it is possible for the French Bulldogs to make out but it is not recommended as there are some risks. It is especially risky for the female ones to get pregnant and give birth as they have narrow hips and large heads, even though they have a womb, eggs and ovaries. Not only that, this breed is also known for their lack of maternal instincts around their puppies. In some cases, the professionals do not have any option but to do artificial insemination and a caesarean section. These two definitely cost a lot. Plus, as this breed is associated with some different kinds of medical issues, the chance of the puppies to be born with similar genetic issues is high. Before deciding to breed the French Bulldogs, it is a must for you to make sure that you have both time and enough money.

What are the reasons that make French Bulldogs unable to mate naturally or breed and reproduce on their own?  If you are wondering about this, you have to be aware that French Bulldogs have been bred down for years to the point their physical characteristics have changed significantly. While it is true that both male and female French Bulldogs can be bred, they are not actually built to breed naturally. The way they have been bred is the reason why they cannot be bred naturally. The combo gives birth to short legs, a compact body, and narrow hips. The male one has no ability to mount the female one efficiently in order to reproduce.

It should be noted that it is not only about the inability of the French Bulldogs to mate naturally. Besides, they also need humans to assist them when giving birth. As stated before, the female ones are at risk when they have a natural birth. Apart from that, the puppies are also at risk of death due to the narrow birth canals.

If you still insist on breeding the French Bulldogs, please check this paragraph about how to tell if your French Bulldog is able to be bred. Before breeding the French Bulldogs, you will have to test them for any genetic defects. Even if they do not have any complications, it is still possible for them to carry the gene inherited from their parents that could be passed to their next generations. Here is step by step that you can follow before starting to breed the French Bulldogs:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to visit your vet. When you are at the office, make sure to ask them to give the general health screening to find out if they are healthy or are currently suffering from any health issues.
  2. Next, make sure that the puppy undergoes two separate DNA tests for the avoidance of any doubt or error about the genetic makeup and potential issues.
  3. In addition, you should also bring your French Bulldog to the vet to get the vision test so that you can be confident that they will not pass on any visual impairments to their offspring.

Once again, it is not easy for the French Bulldogs to breed naturally due to their physical limitations. If you want for them to breed naturally, please bury your thoughts. Instead of doing that, you are recommended to do the following:

  1. Firstly, choose a male and female that has characteristics and genetics that you want to pass down to the offspring.
  2. Then, make sure that these two have no health issues or generic issues. Ask your vet to make sure about it.
  3. The next thing that you have to ensure is that they are strangers and are not related to each other.
  4. Keep them comfortable and do not make them stressed. Do not ever try to take them on a long trip.
  5. After that, time the insemination well based on the heat cycle of the female one.

In conclusion, French Bulldogs are able to breed naturally. However, a lot of professionals are against the idea due to the potential risks, especially for the female ones and their puppies. Besides, it is also hard and will take so much time and money. Even if you have enough money, it is still encouraged for you to not do it for the sake of the dogs and the future puppies. Do not be stubborn and consider the advice given by the vets and the other professionals.

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