How to Build Muscle on a Bully Pitbull

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Apparently, there are very few people who really understand how they can build muscle on their bully. The pitbulls, the American bully and the bull terrier are very powerful animals that can develop a very muscular body. All you need to do to make that possible is to ensure that you know how to handle the key elements to make this occur. So, how to build muscle on a Bully Pitbull?

Building muscle on a Bully Pitbull

If you really want to make your pitbull muscular, then  Building Muscle in pitbulls consists of the proper diet, exercises, and supplements. Also, humans build muscle by using the same concept. A high protein diet, exercise and weight training are the key elements to get your pitbull muscular.

 muscle on a Bully Pitbull

Here are some ways to build muscle on a Bully Pitbull:

Proper Diet

Based on the research, body builders agree that 80 percent of building muscle is done in the kitchen. Also, this is no different for your pitbull dog. A high protein diet consist of a premium dog food is very important to build muscle and give your dog that ripped look.

Here are some of the Nutritional Requirements you have to look for in your Pitbull’s food:

  • Protein

Protein is an essential muscle-building compound. Thus, this should compose your Pitbull’s diet. Also, this compound keeps the immune system of your Pitbull strong. You have to note that if your Pitbull is young, he will need more protein in his diet.

  • Carb

Based on the research, carbs give an energy source to the body that will develop the brain and body cells. But, you do not add too many or too little carbs. The right portion is very important.

  • Fat

Although some people stay away from fat when it comes to their pet’s diet, actually fat is an essential thing to consider when you want your Pitbull to get weight. Fat is an essential compound that should be taken, alongside protein and carbs, by your beloved Pitbull.

For note: Your dog’s diet must consist of 40% Protein, 40% Carbs, and 20% fat. You have to feed your dog 6 small meals a day to put them in an anabolic muscle building state and make sure they are getting the best possible diet for building muscle.

For your information, Bully Max 30/20 High Performance Dog food was made specifically for working breeds like the American bully and the American Pit Bull. There is no other dog food packs on more muscle or gives calories per cup. Each cup of Bully Max 30/20 contains about 535 calories.

The below diet is designed to put your Pitbull in an anabolic muscle building state:

  •  You have to measure out the amount of food that your Pitbull must eat in 1 day by doing the recommended amount on the bag.
  • You have to break this amount up into four parts.
  • You have to add boiled chicken, egg or fish along with the proper dog supplements to build muscle to this diet.

For the best result, you are able to do a pattern similar to the following text.

  • Meal 1 – 9:00 am

You have to feed 1/4th of the recommend amount of food for the day along with a scoop of Bully Max Plus.

  • Meal 2 – 12:00 p

Give 1 piece of boiled chicken or fish (16 oz for adults, 12 oz. for puppies)

  • Meal 3 – 2:00 pm

You have to feed 1/4th of the recommend amount of food for the day.

  • Meal 4 – 4:00 p

Give 1/2 piece of boiled chicken or fish (10 oz. for adults, 6 oz. for puppies)

  • Meal 5 – 6:00 p

You have to feed 1/4th of the recommend amount of food for the day. and a scoop of Gorilla Max, 1 Bully Max Tablet or a scoop of Bully Max Plus.

  • Meal 6 – 9:00 pm

You have to feed 1/4th of the recommend amount of food for the day.

Exercising your Pitbull

While diet plays the largest role in building muscle in Pitbulls, you also have to exercise your Pitbull. By doing some actives such as weight pulling, running up hills, and using spring poles, your pitbull's muscles are being torn. After their muscles are torn, they are going to rebuild and repair themselves. With the proper diet, they are going to repair themselves stronger and bigger than they were before. It is how muscles are built. Without the proper diet, it is very impossible for them to repair and rebuild. One of the easiest methods to keep your Pitbull active is by installing an easy and simple spring pole in your yard. If your Pitbulls have the drive, they are going to work for hours hanging and playing from a spring pole while getting ripped in the process. Several other great exercises to build muscle are weight vest, weight sleds and flirt poles.

Give High Intensity Cardio Training

In building muscle in your Pitbull, you are able to skip the walks and runs and then engage in high-intensity cardio training. Those activities can build your dog’s muscle. You are able to do some cardio exercises like sprints, running up bleachers, or running up hills for short periods of time. A high intensity cardio work out for 10-15 minutes a day is a great way. Also, you are able to use a weight vest when doing these exercises to intensify the workouts.

Dietary Supplement

Once again, to build muscle on your pitbull, you are able to add a dietary supplement to your Pitbull’s meal. Before that, make sure that you have permission from your veterinarian. Please add it to their meals moderately, this can help your Pitbull gain more muscles. Dietary supplements like vitamins give the extra nutrients and will help your Pitbull gain more muscles. Need to know that dietary supplements must be taken in considerate amounts, so you do not overdo it. Also, remember that you have to focus more on your Pitbull’s diet and exercise. Those dietary supplements are only as supplements.  

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