How to Leave a French Bulldog Alone

‘Can my dog be left alone?’ is a common question asked by owners of French Bulldogs. However, the French Bulldog is a little different from other dog breeds. It is known that French Bulldogs will hate to be left alone by their owner, especially in a very long time.

If you are accidentally looking for information about whether or not you can leave your French Bulldog alone at home, you can really identify what you should do when leaving your French Bulldog alone at home through our post below!

Can You Leave Your French Bulldog Alone?

French Bulldogs are known as very social pack animals. So if you leave them alone for a long time, it will make them sad, lonely, and may cause separation anxiety. However, you can still leave them alone for no longer than four hours.

You may need to leave them alone at home for working out. However, your French Bulldog often has something put in place which breaks up their dog’s day, so they are not bored or completely alone for the full 6-8 hours.

How to Leave a French Bulldog Alone

How to Leave Your French Bulldog Alone at Home?

Leaving your French Bulldog alone at home is just about making sure that they will be happy and comfortable as they are being left alone for that long. When you decide to leave them alone at home, it means that you’re ready to leave them by providing the access to areas where they can eat, drink and also relieve themselves.

Thankfully, this post will show you some tips and tricks you should do when you need to leave your French Bulldog at home. Here they are:

1) Make sure to provide interactive and inviting toys

A perfect type of toy you can leave with your French Bulldog is puzzles, since these toys can keep your dog entertained for long. Aside from that, the toys can also give them the much needed mental stimulation.

That said, puzzle toys can really decrease separation anxiety and boredom in dogs. Of course, your French Bulldog can spend several hours alone with puzzle toys, as long as the toys do not require supervision.

If the puzzle lets you add treats, you can pick treats high in omega 3’s, since they can help the brain. The puzzle toys do not also require a lot of movement, but can still provide mental stimulation for your pets particularly the seniors with mobility issues.

2) Make sure your French Bulldog to get physical stimulation

In addition to providing mental stimulation, you also need to provide the physical stimulation. Just like other dogs, French Bulldog will really need physical stimulation through different kinds of activities to grant them added joy and to enrich their lives.

You may need to take your French Bulldog for a short walk or play a game of fetch indoors before leaving your house. Of course, your French Bulldog can easily overhear, so you may have to watch out for excessive panting.

3) Interactive pet cameras

If necessary, you can also use a two-way communicator and treat dispensers with cameras, so you can know wherever your French Bulldog becomes stressed. With a pet camera, you and your French Bulldog can stay-connected, so it will get rid of the anxiety in your pup.

Furthermore, you can also give treats to your French Bulldog that can really help them to take away some of the emotional pain that they feel when leaving them alone at home. Considering a two-way communicator is very important, it’s a great time for you to start getting the device to control your dog.

4) Set up a safety cue

Every time you leave your home, you can establish a safety cue that can be a word or action to tell your French Bulldog when you will be back. Your French Bulldog will start to associate those cues with your short absences.

Of course, your French Bulldog will not become anxious when they know that you will be back for a few hours. That’s why it’s very important to associate the safety cues with your practiced departures and shorter absences.

A variety of safety cues include a radio, TV or a dog toy that you can use during practice sessions. However, you shouldn’t use those cues for a period of time which is longer than they can endure or the value of safety cues will be lost.

5) Training

When you need to leave your French Bulldog alone at home, you may need to start training your pup by giving them some time alone. If your dog follows you around everywhere, you can ask them to stay in one place, while you leave for a short time. If your pup tolerates this, you can try to leave the house for some time and then come back.

If you leave the house and see your French Bulldog panicking, make sure to ignore them, so that they get used to it later. By repeating it every day, your pup will then get used to it. When you come home, make sure to refrain from giving a warm welcome immediately. However, this way aims to ensure that this is not special, just a normal and common situation.

Furthermore, every time you arrive home, you shouldn’t give them treats. However, your pup needs to learn that there will be moments during the day when they can be left alone.

6) Hire a dog sitter

This is the final tip and trick you can do when leaving your French Bulldog alone at home. It is known that dog sitters and walkers have been around for years. However, there is a recent surge in their numbers as more people spend hours outdoors realizing the importance of meeting the needs of their dogs.

In this case, a dog sitter will be able to keep your French Bulldog company while you are away at work. Of course, they can then take your French Bulldog out for a small walk and even give day training.

Okay, those are tips and tricks you need to do when you need to leave your French Bulldog alone at home. Even though you can still leave them alone, but you need to do what we’ve mentioned above to prevent them from getting anxiety.

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