How to Potty Train a French Bulldog

One of the things that must be trained to a French Bulldog is to train the dog to potty. However, some people may wonder whether it is easy to potty train a French Bulldog and also they wonder the way to train it. The French Bulldog is smart, so it should be easy to potty train this dog. However, the explanation about potty training French Bulldog can be read below.

The Way to Potty Train a French Bulldog

According to the French Bulldog Owner site, here are the things to do to potty train a French Bulldog.

  • Schedule Potty Breaks Regularly and Consistently
    The French Bulldog puppy needs to be taken out in the morning first when the dog wakes up. And then, take the dog after the dog plays for a long period of time and after the dog eats dinner and drinks from their bowls. This is the way that is done by the writer of the French Bulldog Owner site to potty train their French Bulldog. If this schedule is done regularly and consistently, the dog will understand this schedule and they will know that it will be done in their daily life. However, the owner of the dog can also prepare a dog flap.
  • The Owner needs to Watch for the Signs When The Dog Wants to Go to Toilet
    The owner usually will know when the French Bulldog wants to go to the toilet by seeing the signs. One of the signs is that the dog paces around the room in a circle. There other signs are that they pace back and forth the same rooms, whine at the owner, bark loudly, stare the owner dead in the eye, and sniff around the owner.
  • The French Bulldog Needs to be Taken to Their Potty Training Pads or Outside
    If the owner finds that the French Bulldog shows the signs that they want to go to the toilet, the thing that is done by the owner is to think of taking the dog to go to the bathroom as soon as possible. The dog can be taken to the potty pads or outside. If the owner does not have outdoor access, they can have an area for the dog to go to the toilet where the owner can prepare training pads.
  • A Phrase for the Dog to Identify Can be Used
    When a French Bulldog is potty trained, the dog needs to be taught a phrase to go to the toilet. The words ‘go toilet’ can be used and the words can be stated as soon as the dog begins peeing or defecating on their pee mat or outside. As explained on the French Bulldog Owner site, it will not be too long that the dog learns to identify this phrase with peeing.
  • When The Dog Is Trained Successfully, Reward Can be Given
    When the owner finds that the French Bulldog puppy has finished to the toilet, the dog can be rewarded with a treat. By rewarding the dog, it will positively reinforce the good behaviour and it makes them learn quickly. If this method has been practiced long enough, then when the owner says ‘go toilet’, the dog will know what they have to do.

How to Potty Train a French Bulldog

Items Needed for Potty Training

As also explained on the French Bulldog Owner site, there are a number items which are needed for potty training a French Bulldog and here are the items.

  • Pet Training Puppy Pads
    The owner can use puppy pads in the French Bulldog’s crate. As explained on the French Bulldog Owner site, it can work two-fold where firstly they are scented and secondly they can be used as the area for the dog to relieve themselves on. The pet training puppy pads can be found on Amazon and they do not cost a lot.
  • Dog Leash Which Is Decent
    A leash is needed because it may be used when the owner walks the dog to the proper toilet location if the toilet is in unsecured outdoor.
  • Dog Treats Which Are Used for Rewards
    Treats are also used to positively reinforce the French Bulldog puppy for going to the bathroom when the owner tells them to. To help to reinforce the puppy, toys are also needed to make the dog think that they are doing good with their potty training.
  • Puppy Crate
    The owner can let the French Bulldog puppy in their crate at night when the puppy is going through their peeing on the floor phase. In the crate, the owner can put the training pads in one half, with the dog’s bed to sleep on in the other half. If the owner wants, they can buy the larger crate so that the dog will still use it when the dog grows older on certain occasions.

Is It Easy to Potty Train A French Bulldog?

According to the Ask Frankie site, it is not the hardest thing to train a French Bulldog, but it is also not the easiest one. Some French Bulldogs can take up to 8 months to potty train and it may be frustrating for the owner. So, persistence and being calm is needed in the process.

On the Bulgogology site, it is explained that most pet parents think that housebreaking a puppy is easy like keeping the pet on a regular feeding and drinking schedule which is then followed by a potty-outing routine twice or thrice a day. Some pet parents also believe that their dog will be able to be housetrained in a week or two. However, it takes time. Since French Bulldogs are smart, this thought may be true. However, some puppies may need time to understand that they need to go to a certain area for peeing or pooping. A French Bulldog needs time to understand that the goal of housetraining is not to pee outside, but also the fact that other areas especially the house are not acceptable for peeing and pooping and pottying only in the right area should be a habit as explained on the Bulldoggology site.

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