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Pitbull actually has some types. Then, when this kind of dog is crossbred with another type of dog, it can make you full of surprises because the result will be interesting. Have you ever seen pitbull Husky mix puppies for sale? They are so cute, aren’t they? They looks different from their parent breeds. However, if you are looking for a dog that is loyal and can create an incredible bond with you as an owner, this Husky Pitbull Mix that is also called Pitsky, can be your good choice.

Different from pitbull Dachshund that is a crossbreed between Pitbull and the Dachshund, this Husky Pitbull is a crossbreed between a purebred Siberian Husky or Alaskan Husky and American Pit Bull Terrier. Normally, mixed-breed dogs tend to have moderate temperaments, but they can have the characteristics of their parents and sometimes in unpredictable combinations. This dog can be hyperactive. So, you have to make sure that you provide adequate exercise and attention everyday and give them socialization and training. Because of energy level and also size of this dog, it is not suitable for you who live in a city or apartment setting because this dog can be bored very quickly. Moreover, if you are a couch potato type of family, it is not suitable. Instead, this dog is good companion for you who love outdoor so that any activities are possible to do with them. Nevertheless, these dogs are very loyal and their loyalty can potentially be a fault if they are left alone for extended periods of time and then they will suffer from separation anxiety. Their boredom can be changed into destruction. However, crate training can help minimize the damage but it may heighten the separation anxiety.

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At most stages of their life, they are full of energy so that pitbull and Husky mix puppies need a quality healthy diet which has been formulated for them. It is important for you to feed them a high-quality puppy food. A lot of pet parent will continue to feed them with the same puppy food which the breeder used. By doing this, you are able to reduce the risk of upsetting your new puppy’s stomach. You can also consult with a veterinarian about quantities, brands, and frequency of feeding them. When the puppies gets into adulthood, you have to feed them with suitable age food that can satisfy their energy level and their size. Remember, pitbull Husky mix puppies are energetic dogs which need a specific amount of calories in their daily diet. They will possibly burn off more calories than they are consuming if they are not fed the correct food.

Do you know that this dog is good at escaping? The most of these dogs inherit the ability of Husky that can discover a way out from any enclosure. They can jump and also dig holes under the fence because Pitbull and Husky are a good diggers. So, you need to check your yard before you bring your Pitsky home.

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  1. I am looking for puppy training in the Elizabethtown, Ky area. Our puppies are a Husky Pit-bull mix. Age is 4 & a half months. And yes they are full of energy.

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