Pitbull and Lab Mix Puppies

Do you want to take home a puppy? If the answer is yes, you can consider pitbull mix puppies. This kind of puppy is a cross between the loving Labrador retriever and the loyal pitbull terrier. Typically, they are high energy puppies. They the good result of the active, smart, and stubborn pitbull and the high energy and easily trained Labradors. With those parents, they have the good intelligent, so they are quick to learn tricks, commands, and house training.

How about the appearance of pitbull and lab mix puppies? They are large and powerful. They are able to reach up to two feet in height and weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds when they are fully grown. Just like their parents, when it comes to the coat, they have the short one that is easy to brush. The fur of them are smooth, shiny, and easy to maintain. The coat depends on the parents of them. The common ones are tan, black, white, yellow, and brown. In most cases, pitbull and lab mix puppies take after Labradors in the form of ears. They also have the wide head.

Pitbull and Lab Mix Puppies 1

Pitbull and Lab Mix Puppies 2

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Then, how to train a pitbull? Th first step is to feed the puppy the good food. You can ask for the advice of the veterinarian of the puppy. The veterinarian of the puppy is the best judge of this kind of thing as they know the size and the growth of the pitbull and lab mix puppy.

The second one is to take the pitbull and lab mix puppy to the kindergarten of the puppy, basic obedience, and puppy socialization groups. It is so important for the puppy to learn the proper social skills and manners of the dog. It should be done in order to keep the tendency to fight at minimum level. You have to remember that some pitbulls have the stronger than the common tendency for aggression to the other animals. Actually, you cannot completely change that but it will get stronger without the consistent and the early socialization with the other dogs and the other animals.

The third one is to take the puppy as many places as you can. Please give your puppy all kinds of pisitive and good experiences with humans and the other objects such as skateboards, buses, traffic, and handicapped people.

In the fourth step, you have to provide the puppy a lot of opportunities for exercise. As stated before, pitbulls are strong and active. Meanwhile, Labradors are such big hunting dogs. Both kind of dogs need a lot of exercise every day, both mental and physical. You can take them at least two or more long daily walks.

The fifth step is to plan the activities that consist of mental and physical stimulation. You can teach your puppy to the interesting games, including hide and seek to ease boredom or the puzzle. Basically, find the way to make them active. You can ask the expert for more exercises.

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