Pitbull Collars 2 Inch Wide

Are you looking for pitbull collars 2 inch wide? If you are looking for it, here we have some information about it from various sources that may be able to be a recommendation for you.

Leather Pitbull Collars 2 Inch Wide in Pitbull Dog Online Store

If you access Pitbull Dog Online Store, you will find a 2 inch wide leather Pitbull dog collar. The colors which are available are black, brown and tan. The price is $23.10. This is a reliable collar for your dog where it is meant to endure through every outdoor adventure and exciting journey. This collar is tough, but comfortable for your pitbull to wear. The leather is flexible, smooth and durable. For Pitbull, it is great. It has high quality so it looks expensive. However, as we mentioned earlier that the price is affordable.

Leather Pitbull Collars 2 Inch Wide in Pitbull Dog Online Store

In the list below, you are able to see the key features which are offered by this dog collar.

  • It is made from genuine leather.
  • This collar is extra wide and strong.
  • It has classic design.
  • It has rust-resistant hardware.
  • It has a steel nickel plated buckle and D-ring.
  • It is adjustable.

This dog collar is used for safe walks, obedience training, and off leash training. The advantages of wide dog collar can be seen below.

  • It can distribute the load over a larger area on the neck so that it reduces the pressure. This is less choking and less stress for the dog.
  • It will look good on a powerful Pitbull’s neck and it will make your pitbull the most stylish among the dogs.
  • This collar is more durable and dependable so that it will not wear for long.

Spiked Dog Collars 2 Inch Wide and Haoyueer 2 inch Wide Leather Dog Collars in Amazon

In Amazon, you are able to find spiked dog collars 2 inch wide personalized leather collars for extra large dog breeds. The price is $59.00. This spiked leather dog collar is for large dogs and it is a personalized 2 inch wide dog collar which is made to fit your dogs neck perfectly. This is a handmade dog collar with spikes and these are custom made and personalized with the name of your dog. The XXL leather collar custom is made for your dog only. This collar is suitable for Pitbulls, Mastiff, Great Dane, St Bernard and the same large dog breeds.

Spiked Dog Collars 2 Inch Wide and Haoyueer 2 inch Wide Leather Dog Collars in Amazon

The materials of this collar is leather and it is hand made from extra strong but soft natural cowhide leather 9 to 10 oz. There is a hand stamp of your dog’s name or text and the edges are smooth burnished.

Besides this collar, there is also Hayoueer 2 inch wide leather dog collars in pink. The price is $20.99. The colors available are black, brown, pink, red, and white. The material is faux leather. This collar is a durable PU (faux) leather collar with nickel-plated hardware. There are 5 adjustment holes, 2 inch wide double layer faux leather. The sizes include:

Hayoueer 2 inch wide leather dog collars in pink

  • Small size fits neck 15 to 18 inches
  • Medium size fits neck 17 to 20 inches
  • Large size fits neck 19 to 22 inches
  • X-large size fits neck 21 to 24 inches

This collar has nickel-plated hardware and heavy duty D-ring to help protect its neck. It is strong and durable high quality leather. Not only that, it is also light, elegant and not stiff.

Pitbull Collars 2 Inch Wide in Pitbull Store

If you access Pitbull Store website, you will find an extra wide strong leather dog collar 2 inch wide for Pitbull. The colors available are black, brown and tan and the price is £30.00. This extra wide leather dog collar will be your indispensable assistant for walking and training your vigorous Pitbull or Staffy. It has classic design, wearing comfort and simplicity. The edges are also smooth and rounded so that it will protect your dog against injuries when it pulls hard. This leather collar is wide enough for reliable control under your strong Pitbull.

Pitbull Collars 2 Inch Wide in Pitbull Store

Here are the main qualities of this Pitbull Collar.

  • It uses thick, wide and strong leather.
  • The edges are rounded and waxed.
  • It has nickel-plated steel details.
  • It is easily adjustable.
  • It is a traditional buckle.
  • It is a welded D-ring for leash.
  • It is extra strong.
  • It is handcrafted.
  • It has premium quality.

This collar can be used for Pitbull walking, Pitbull training and Pitbull control. The main characteristics of this collar include:

  • The material used is natural leather.
  • The size is suitable for dogs with 17 to 40 inches neck size.
  • The width is 2 inches or around 50 mm.

This pitbull collar looks massive. However, it is not of heavy weight. If your dog wears this, he will not feel discomfort with the collar on. The traditional belt buckle is easy to use and the D-ring for leash attachment is also welded. The metal details are sound and they are made of rustless nickel-plated steel.

A Suitable Collar for Pitbull

Because Pitbulls are powerful and they have muscular necks and shoulders, so it may be hard to find something which can be comfortable and robust. If you choose the wrong collar for him, it can hurt your dog because the collar may give pressure on the trachea, spinal cord and esophagus.

Pitbulls also have short coat so that they are prone to chafing. So, a wide collar is better. It is also better if the collar has a solid buckle. So, when you choose a collar for your pitbull, make sure that it is strong so that you can control it, but also make sure that it is comfortable for your pitbull so that it will not hurt him.

The Materials of Collar Which Is Good For your Pitbull

The best materials for a collar are leather, nylon or neoprene. Heavy duty nylon is the best in durability and will not stretch even when it is wet. Leather can be your good option especially if your dog is prone to skin disorders. If your dog is allergic to nylon, leather can be your choice.

How about neoprene material? It is a soft rubber material and it is not as hardy as nylon or leather. Nevertheless, it can be a good option if your pitbulls like to spend a lot of time in the water.

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