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Do you have a plan to adopt a Pitbull? If the answer is yes, it is better for you to know first about this dog. Why? It is because having a good knowledge about a pet that you will have makes you prepare anything that will happens when you take care of them. So, if then there is something happen with your dog, you will know how to handle it.

Pitbull is a tenacious dog. When it puts its mind to something, it often achieves it. Because of that reason, it makes great sporting dogs. Pitties tend to excel on agility or flyball courses where they are able to show off their strength and speed as well. Then, the flip side of all that energy and determination is that pitties can be willfull and even stubborn.

However, because of their people-pleasing nature, pitbull is imminently trainable. It make excellent therapy dog candidates. Obedience training can be a great way to bond with your best friend while laying the groundwork for good manners. Like any other dogs, exercise and engagement are key for pit bull as well. Even though pitbull has a strong look, but actually it loves people.

This dog loves to cuddle, snuggle, roll over for belly rubs, crawl in your lap if you will permit it and also stay as close as to you as possible all day long. The most misconception about pitbull is that this dog has the capacity for aggression towards people, but temperament studies show that pitties rank high among the most affectionate, least aggressive dogs. You have to know that pitbull is a super loyal dog. When you decide to adopt a pitbull, you have a friend for life, through thick and thin. Even though this kind of dog is not good guard dog because it just loves people so much, but this dog may intercede if someone threatens their humans.

So, where do we have to go to be able to adopt a pitbull? In the internet, there are a lot of online pitbull rescue and you can adopt one from these rescue. First is Bobbie’s Pitbull Rescue & Sanctuary. In this rescue, you can be a volunteer, foster or adopt a pitbull. If you find adoptable dogs in the site, you are able to visit the site at www.bobbiespitrescue.org and then put your cursor on Adoptable Dogs menu and then click on “Meet Our Rescue Dog”.

By clicking that, you will be given a list of adoptable pitbull completed with the details such as name, species/ breed, and also the picture. If you want more details, then you are able to click on the picture of the dog and you will be given more details including status (whether is it is available for adoption or not), adoption fee, species, rescue ID, general color, current size, potential size, current age, microchipped or not, declawed or not, and housetrained or not. Visit the site now, and make the dogs happy to be adopted by you. 

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