Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Personality and Temperament

Knowing the personalities and temperaments of dogs are important. By knowing it, so we are able to treat them correctly and they will be your good friends. How about the personalities and temperaments of Pitbull German Shepherd mix? Let's get acquainted with them. 

Temperament of Pitbull German Shepherd Mix

It is  not easy to predict the exact temperaments and personalities of a designer dog. It is because we do not know which characters that they are inherited from their parents. However, German Shepherds have intelligent, loyal and protective characters and Pitbulls have faithful, devoted and affectionate characters. So, you are able to expect that your Pitbull German Shepherd has the combination of these characters.

Pitbull German Shepherd

If you are able to raise them correctly, they are able to be very affectionate. Even though they may try to be able to dominate other dogs and has a tendency to be the leader of a group, but they are well mannered at home as long as you are able to give them the proper training, exercise and socialization.

Pitbull German Shepherds are protective and loyal to people that they love. It is important for you to know that they like big families. The thing which is not good from this breed is that they are not good when they are being alone for long periods of time. If you do that, they can be bored and frustrated.

If they seldom exercise or they are ignored by their family, they will be able to express destructive behaviour such as howling and chewing.

Temperament of Pitbull as Pitbull German Shepherd's Parent

Pitbulls are strong and agile enough when it comes to chase after animals such as hogs and cattle. It is because they were firstly bred to be able to attack large animals and then to be able to work, hunt and protect.

With these temperaments, no wonder why a Pitbull German Shepherd can inherit the urge to chase or attack other animals like the parent.

According to a study of canine aggression in 2008, there were fewer Pitbulls which has tried to bite their owner or a strange human. Usually, they were more often tried to or had attacked a strange dog in the past.

Nevertheless, the finding of this study does not guarantee that every dog with Pitbull blood will show aggressive behaviour. If you are able to give the Pitbull or Pitbull mix the right socialization with other dogs and humans, you may be able to make them can control themselves. If you want to give them socialization, make sure that you do that from a young age.

Temperament of German Shepherd as Pitbull German Shepherd Parent

Temperament of German Shepherd as Pitbull German Shepherd Parent

Some people think that German Shepherd is cruel. It is because they are often used as police and service dog. However, it is not true. Besides, it is not fair to judge this breed like that. Dogs which are used in the police force and usually very smart and highly trained. In addition, they are able to be conditioned to be able to respond to a command which is given by their handler.

German Shepherds are also often assumed as a territorial and aggressive to the strangers in their home. In the past, they were bred to be herding and guard dogs. So, it makes them very devoted and loyal to the owners.

Training for Pitbull German Shepherd

As explained above, if you are able to give Pitbull German Shepherd correctly, they will be able to have a good personalities. So, what kind of training do we have to give for Pitbull German Shepherd? Since they are very dominant which can be stubborn or even aggressive, so they need consistent efforts to train effectively. By giving them consistent training, it can control them and you will be respected by them as their leader.

The parents of this breed namely Pitbull and German Shepherd are very intelligent. So, a Pitbull German Shepherd will also be able to be bound to a quick learner.

If you want to train them, you are able to start it when they are a puppy. It is about seven weeks old. What do we have to do if we adopt an adult Pitbull German Shepherd? If you adopt an adult one, you can train them but you may be a little bit challenged because you will need extra dedication and commitment as well.

When you train your Pitbull German Shepherd, you have to make sure to always use positive reinforcement even though they are showing their stubbornness. Positive reinforcement can strengthen the bond that you share with your dog. Also, it will be able to develop a relationship based on trust and respect.

Exercising for Pitbull German Shepherd Mix

Naturally, Pitbull German Shepherds are energetic. Besides, when they are bored, they have the potential to be destructive. So, you have to make sure that you live in a larger area to give them space to play. If we look at the size and also the temperament of this breed, it seems that this breed is not suitable for living in an apartment. If you want to keep this dog, it is better for you to have a spacious backyard so that your Pitbull German Shepherd can run around freely. Make sure that your backyard has a fence to help curb the protective nature of your Pitbull German Shepherd.

Now, how about the exercise which is suitable for your Pitbull German Shepherd? You can give them around 90 minutes of exercise daily. You can give them physical activity, but it is not the only thing to consider. As we mentioned above, they are very intelligent which needs a lot of mental stimulation. So, you are able to give them training exercises and interactive toys.

Same as the other dogs, Pitbull German Shepherd also have negative behaviours such as the tendencies of aggression, destructive behaviour, digging and excessive barking if they save their energy. So, they need to do more activity than other breeds. When they are tired, they will be able to sit calmly and cuddle up with you. 

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