Pitbull Mix Labrador Retriever

Mix breeds are really popular in the world of dogs. One of the most popular is Pitbull Lab mix, which is also known as the Pitador and the Labrabull. As you can guess, this one is the combination of Pitbull and Labrador Retriever. Aside from having a cute face, this mix is also loving and is loyal. For those who are new and want to know more about Pitbull Lab mix, this post has the detailed information for you.


Just like any other mixed breeds, the Pitbull Lab mix usually inherit a mix of their parents. They tend to be very close with the owners and the whole family members. They are easy going and love attention, that’s why they do not like it when everyone is busy and not around.

Pitbull Mix Labrador Retriever


As the mix of Pitbull that has a muscular frame and Labrador Retriever that has the athletic ability, it is not surprising that Pitbull Lab mix is very strong, energetic and solid. When it comes to the height, they can be anywhere between 17 and 25 inches tall. As for the weight, the mix could be anywhere from 45 pounds to 90 pounds heavy.

The heads of the most of Pitbull Lab mixes are broader compared to the ones that Labrador Retrievers have and they are smaller compared to the ones that Pitbulls have. They usually have long muzzles and long pointed ears. Just like their parents, this mix will have short haired coats with a variety of colors.

When it comes to the coats, the Pitbull Lab mix can have any color that their parents have. It is possible for them to get every color in the breed spectrum with the exception of merle. The most common one is black and it is followed by yellow, shades of red, and some varied length or texture of white coat. As for the coat length, most of them will have medium to short hair. If they are after the Labrador Retriever parent, there is a high chance of them to have the same medium length coat. If they inherit more from their Pitbull parent, the chance of them getting the shorter coats is high.


Pitbull Lab mix is friendly as they love people. they are good at getting along with everyone around them. Basically, they are good with people. They love to please people and they are smart.

Not only that, they are also good with the other pets. However, they might have some hard times when they are around cats and the other small animals due to their prey drive that can be relatively high. Actually, this kind of thing can be prevented from happening with an early introduction. In this case, you will have to teach them that cats are not prey animals. If you teach them well, they will follow your order and will not treat them as such.

The Pitbull Lab mix is considered as the one that is easy to train and they will follow what you want them to do. Sometimes, however, they can be overactive that might cause them to make someone injured. To prevent something bad from happening, it is really important to give them a proper exercise. Tiring them our or having a big fenced in backyard for them to run in is recommended.


Even though the mixed breeds like Pitbull Lab mix have a low chance to get the genetic issues compared to the purebreds, it is still possible for them to get the health issues from either parent. You will have to look into their parents if you want to check if there is a possibility of them getting such issues.


In the terms of grooming, Pitbull Lab mix is known to be very low maintenance. Their coats are short and low shedding. If you want to make the coat shiny and smooth, you are recommended to brush it once every week.

Exercise and Living Conditions

Having an athletic and muscular body is a sign that Pitbull Lab mix requires a lot of exercise. Since this mix is from two active parents, you have to get them an access to the large yard. Aside from that, it is also needed for them to interact with people and the other dogs. Please give them a plenty of time to play. Interacting with them and giving them some playtime is important to help them releasing their energy. Those with no access to the space or those who are busy and have no time to take the dog for a walk should not take care of this mix and are encouraged to get one from the less active breed. Forcing the situation is not good and will only make both you and the dog suffer.

Due to the fact that Pitbull Lab mix loves chewing, as an owner, you will have to provide them with toys. The toys that can be given should be tough, durable, and are able to withstand chewing.


There will be no issue with training the Pitbull Lab mix as they are highly trainable and have a high intelligence. The training should be started as soon as you get them. You will get a good time when training them as they take instruction very well and love to please their owners.

Even though it is relatively easy to train them, there is still a chance of them to do something unexpected such as being aggressive. When this kind of thing happens, remember to not use harsh punishment. When you feel like give up during the process of training, you might lose the trust issues from them. They tend to remember any bad treatments that they get and it will last long and the bad behavior might occur again in the future.

If you are considering a create train, you should make sure to get the crate that is the right size. It should be done as soon as possible to make sure they get used to everything and to reduce the amount of protest that they might come.

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