Pitbull Puppy Training

As we know that Pitbull has a bad reputation. The truth is that Pitbull can be a friendly and people-oriented pet if we do some training properly. Actually, pitbull is not suitable for everyone because of his energy level and strength, but if you decide to adopt a pitbull, you will discover that he is extremely intelligent and eager to learn.

If you have a pitbull puppy and you want to do training a pitbull puppy, socialization must be your top priority. It is necessary for your pitbull puppy to learn to be comfortable with a variety of people and situations from early age. You can expose your puppy to children, women, men and the other animals. You have to get him used to being handled and keep things positive and upbeat. Permit the puppy to approach new things in his own time. A lot of people recommend that you enroll your pitbull puppy in a puppy training class when it reaches six months. The right class will help him get accustomed to the other dogs and to learn how to behave.

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If you want your puppy to be able to get along with strangers, the puppy must get your trust first. Then, if you invite strangers into your home, you have to tell them how to act to avoid upsetting your puppy. The strangers should not touch the dog, approach the dog, or even make an eye contact with him. They should walk in slowly and ignore the dog. So, it will give the dog time to smell them and to get used to their presence. If the dog is comfortable with the stranger, they can slowly try to get closer to him. If you want to introduce your puppy to the other dogs to give pitbull puppies training, you have to know the personality of your dog first. Then, if you think that he is ready and want to meet the other dogs, you can try to introduce the dogs by walking them in a parallel direction with their leashes on. Never let your pitbull puppy run up to the other dogs if he gets excited. If both of dogs still possess their leashes, you have to make sure not to tangle them because it can make them fight. Due to their muscular build and strength, training which needs leash corrections or the other punishment is not always effective. You perhaps will have better results with positive reinforcement techniques like clicker training or the other reward-based training. For your information, pitbulls are eager learners and they will be happy to work for the rewards. When you use positive reinforcement, you have to be consistent. If your pitbull puppy does a right thing every time, give him a reward. If you are not consistent, it will make him confused by your mixed signals.

When you do training pitbull puppies, make sure that you do not do that when you are sad, angry or upset. When you are calm and collected, the best training will happen. It does not matter if your dog is jumping on you or even barking, just remain calm. Let the dog feed off your emotions.

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