Things Not to Do with a French Bulldog

It is normal when you only know a little bit of a French Dog if you are new about this breed. For those who are planning to purchase or adopt one or you have already purchased or adopted one but are still waiting for the dog to arrive in a few days, you are suggested to check out the things that you should not do below to make the dog feel welcomed and loves to be with you at your place.

  1. Shouting commands over and over

French Bulldogs have to be trained to follow the commands since they are young. If they usually understand and follow the commands that you give but on an occasion they do not, do not yell at them. Apparently, they first understand the outer world through their nose first, then their eyes, and then then their ears. Basically, hearing is the last place. So, if you give them a command and they do not get it right away, instead of raising your voice, you are advised to show what you want them to do by using your body language.

  1. Allowing the strangers to pet on their heads

What would you feel when a stranger pets your head? If you feel annoyed, it is also possible for the French Bulldogs to feel the same. When they are petted by a stranger on their heads, they may pull away. They usually do this because they interpret it as a threatening gesture.

  Looking at them directly in the eye

  1. Looking at them directly in the eye

Looking at the eyes of the French bulldogs is not recommended as they may get it wrong. If you look them directly in the eye, they may get offended and think that you want to fight them. While it is true that it is unlikely for them to show some extreme reactions as they are not generally aggressive, they may feel a bit unpleasant. In some cases, they may respond to you such as by showing a gesture or staring back at you constantly.

Apart from that as the distant ancestor of the wolf, French Bulldogs also do not like humans to show their smile. If you smile at them, they may interpret it as the sign that you are ready to fight them. If your dog is the kind of one that tends to misunderstand you, do not try to look it directly in the eye.

  1. Showing them too much affection

French Bulldogs may be known as the ones that love affection. However, showing them too much attention is also not good. Just like humans, they also need space. They are not the toys that can be hugged 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They need time for themselves and for others as well. Even if you love them that much, do not pet, hug, and snuggle them all day and all night long. While they may seem fine and do not show annoyance as they are too kind, you are the one that should know them the best and should know the limit.

  1. Teasing them

While it is true that French Bulldogs like to play and teasing them is actually fine, you are not allowed to do that if it includes pulling their tail to get their attention or pulling a towel over them to see them struggling while trying to escape the situation. Do not ever try to do any of these actions, let alone repeating them. These things are bad and these dogs will not like that, even though you may get some fun.

  1. Feeding them poisonous foods

While French Bulldogs always show a desire to eat everything in front of their eyes, you should not always follow their desire. When they look like they want to eat the food that you eat, think about whether that food is good or not for them. Apparently, not every food is good for them. If you feed them with everything, do not blame anyone if they get health issues.

If you want your French Bulldogs to keep healthy, please make them away for the poisonous foods for them such as chocolate, onions, garlic, leeks, chives, artificial sweetener (xylitol) in gums and mints, candy, sweets, some brands of peanut butter, corn on the cob, cooked bones, avocado, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, walnuts, cherry pits, peach pits, plum pits, mustard seeds, coconuts, coconut oil, yeast dough, alcohol, hops, coffee, caffeine, tea, nutmeg, moldy food, blue cheese, milk, dairy products, undercooked meat, undercooked eggs, fatty foods, sugary food and drinks, salt and salty food, aconitum, amaryllis bulbs, asparagus fern, azalea, citrus, cyclamen, daffodil bulbs, day lilies, delphiniums, dog’s Mercury (Mercurialis perennis), foxgloves, hemlock, hyacinth, hydrangea, ivy, laburnum, lily of the valley, lupins, morning glory, mushroom plants, nightshade, oleander, rhododendron, rhubarb leaves, sweet pea, tomato leaves and stems, tulip bulbs, umbrella plant, wisteria, yew, and so on.

 Waking them up when they sleep

  1. Waking them up when they sleep

Walking the French Bulldogs when they are in dream is like asking them to fight you. They will feel annoyed. If you wake them up by yelling or doing something bad, do not be surprised if they bark at you or even bite you.

  1. Allowing them to walk outside in grass where other dogs dedicate and urinate

Remember that there are harmful parasites in the grass and if you allow the French Bulldogs to step on it they may get them. Do not let them on the grass until they are vaccinated.

  1. Changing their food for a while

Changing the food of the French Bulldogs is not good for them. If it is a must for you due to some reasons, do it slowly by gradually giving them less of the food that you are trying to phase out and slowly adding more of the new food.

  1. Allowing them to be in the same place with the others

While French Bulldogs are allowed to be in the same place with the others, do not do it if they are not introduced yet or if they are not comfortable.

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