American Bulldog Pitbull Mix

The Pitbull Bulldog mix is known as Bullypit. It is the combination of the two perfect genes. This kind of breed was introduced for the first time in the United States in the year of 1990s. Since then, this breed has become more and more popular.

Different from their brutal parents, Bulldog Pitbull mix is gentle, friendly, peaceful, and very lovely. They might look so confident when standing with the other dogs but they never act aggressively. Basically, it is the sweet version of the two parents breeds.

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix 1

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix 2
How is their appearance? Apparently, the average height and weight of the full grown Bullypit range between 13 to 21 inches or about 33 cm to 53 cm and 68 to 120 pounds or 31 to 54 kg. Compared to Pitbulls, these kinds of dog have the larger and bulkier head. They also have the wide forehead, the muscular cheeks, and the high ears on the head. The other things about them are the strong jaw, the tight and equal lips, the strong shoulders, the short back, the powerful frame, the wide spreading front legs, the deep and broad breasts, the short tails, and so on. when it comes to the eye colors, Bullypit has some variations, but never is white.

Pitbull American Bulldog mix can live up to 15 years. As one of the active dogs, they like to play in outdoor. So, please spare your time to play along with them in outdoor several times a day. The dog only needs at least 45 minutes each day to maintain the nice shape and can release the mental and physical energy. You can bring them to swim, run, jump, walk, and many more.

How about the food? What is the best food for Bullypit? Do not forget that the product is not necessary. The only matter is that the product must contain the adequate nutrition to grow well. you can ask the vets what best is for your Bullypit as not every dog has the same needs. Another important thing to take a note is to check the Bullypit regularly to the vets.

Before looking for Bullypit for sale, you can consider the pros and cons of Bullypit. Some of the pros are the fact that they are very loyal to the owner, gentle, polite, and friendly to the other dogs and strangers, they can get along with kids, they have strong and muscular body, and so on. Meanwhile, some of the cons are that they can get destructive when being bored, they need to be trained and socialized from the early days, they are not suitable for the cold and wet weather, and so on.

To make your thought stronger, you can ask the breeders about American Bulldog vs. Pitbull. To make you easier, there are also some Bullypit communities that can help you to solve your curiosity. All you have to do is do not hesitate and do not be shy to ask what you want to know.

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