Are Pitbulls Good Apartment Dogs?

If you live in Apartment and you think of having a pit bull, you may wonder whether pit bulls are good apartment dogs or not. It is important to know because if the dogs are energetic, it usually means that they need a wide area for them to play and channel their energy.

Are Pitbulls Good Apartment Dogs?

If you ask whether pit bulls are good apartment dogs or not, the answer is that they can be an apartment dog as long as you give them the things that they need such as exercise, training and socialization. Even though pitbulls can be apartment dogs, they are not the best ones.

Are Pitbulls Good Apartment Dogs

According to the Dog Vills website, there are some reasons why pit bulls are not the best dogs for apartments. However, before explaining about it, let’s find out the characteristics of pit bulls so that we can conclude whether pit bulls are great for apartment dogs or not according to the Dog Vills website.

  • American Pit bull Terriers are more expressive if we compare them to the other breeds. They are popular for expressing a wide range of emotions and reactions. So, they can be endearing, but they can also be moody, stubborn or angry for extended periods.
  • Pit bulls can be one of the most loving creatures on earth. They like a good cuddle.
  • Pit bulls are very energetic. So, they require daily exercise to maintain their attitude. Other dogs may only need a walk in the morning and night, but pit bulls will need more than physical stimulation and they need three to four per day.
  • Since pit bulls are very energetic, so they sweat a lot. As an owner, you should know that certain ingredients in their diet can cause them to get smelly. So, if your pit bulls are smelly, it is not good to have it in a small area like apartments.
  • Pit bulls have the good ability to leap. Since they have this ability, they are not good enough to be kept in your apartments since they may ruin your indoor furniture.
  • Even though pit bulls have intimidating looks, but they are friendly.
  • Even though pit bulls are friendly, but their friendliness can be a little bit selective. Nevertheless, they like most people. However, it is a little bit iffy when it comes to other dogs and pets. If you can give pit bulls proper training and socialization, you can deal with these habits.
  • Pit bulls are smart so that they need daily mental stimulation. You have to make sure that you keep them entertained and if not, they will start to make trouble.

So, after we look at the characteristics of pit bulls, can we conclude that they are good apartment dogs?  Well, pit bulls can be apartment dogs, however they are not the best ones. It is because they are bigger, stubborn, and energetic and they tend to sweat a lot. Nevertheless, they have some positive apartment dog traits where they are friendly, loving, amusing, do not bark a lot and can bond well with their owners. Besides, they are also easy to train and to socialize. As long as the owner can show their strong leadership and patience in the process, pit bulls will be able to thrive in an apartment. Also, the owners must provide a lot of exercise, mental stimulation and space.

Tips to Keep Pit Bulls in Apartment

According to the City Dogs Life website, there are some tips for keeping pit bulls in an apartment.

  • The owner needs to keep the delicate things away from the quarters of the dog.
  • The owner needs to provide enough space for the dog.
  • The owner must buy the right type of food for the pit bulls.
  • The owner must include some dog treats.
  • The owner must give the dog some house toys so that the pit bulls will keep engaged.
  • The owner needs to give a chewy object that pit bulls can bite so that they do not chew the furniture or even the owner’s shoes.
  • The owner can get the dog a treadmill to channel his energy.
  • The owner needs to keep the windows open for good ventilation.
  • The owner should provide a dog bath with a shampoo for active dogs.
  • The owner needs to keep the dog well-groomed and healthy.
  • The owner needs to give the dog love and attention while the owner is around.

Best Dogs for Apartments

Pit bulls may not be the best ones for apartments, but a number of dogs below can live best in apartments according to Dogster.

  • Yorkshire Terrier

This dog takes up a little space and is not a barker. Besides, he is also friendly with people and other pets.

  • Maltese

This dog has a silky coat with no undercoat and they shed very little so that it makes cleaning in a small space like an apartment easier.

  • Boston Terrier

This dog is very attached to his owner. It means that he does not mind being indoors in a small space.

  • French Bulldog

This dog is calm and quiet and he can relax on the most comfortable seat.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog is one of the friendliest dogs so that he can deal with the other people and their dogs. This dog is also calm and adaptable.

  • English Bulldog

This is a stable dog and he will feel comfortable in small places.

  • Basset Hound

Even though this dog may not be the best apartment dog because of bulky stature, but this dog is very calm and easily kept busy with treat toys.

  • American Staffordshire Terrier

This dog is easily trained and can form a tight bond with his owner. He can be a good apartment dog if he gets enough exercise.

  • Greyhound

This dog is one of the biggest canine couch potatoes. He is very trainable and adaptable.

  • Great Dane

This dog has a calm demeanor, friendliness, trainability and quiet nature.

Well, this explanation is for information only. However, it is not recommended to have dogs moreover if you are a moslem because it can reduce your rewards. Alternatively, you can have other animals such as cats, birds, or chickens.

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