Blue Fawn Pitbull

Pitbull is one of the dogs that is very popular in the world. Besides, it is also one of the most feared as well. This dog is feared because this dog has muscular body and also it has been bred for the aim of fighting. So, unfortunately, people has given this animal a bad reputation. Not that all dog breeds can show signs of aggression and there is no research which proves that Pitbull is more aggressive than the other dog. However, people who know the knowledge of this breed will understand that Pitbull is not predisposed to aggression. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have pitbulls as family pet. Same as the other breeds, Pitbull also has some breeds, but there is one of popular pitbulls breeds that a lot of people prefer. It is blue fawn pitbulls.

This kind of breed is actually the same with the other pitbulls. The things that make it different is in its colour. This dog has a very unique color coat which has a silver hue. The silver color is from a recessive dilution gene that is chosen during the breeding process. Usually, the color will be a pale-grayish brown with blue or brown undertones, but it can range to a brown-red-yellow hue. This kind of coat is not necessarily rare, although several breeders will increase the price for fawn pitbull puppies. Then, another difference of this breed is its red nose which helps the dog stand out among the other Pitbull breeds. The American Dog Association states that blue or gray cast with relatively lighter blue eyes is the acceptable color lists for this bluish pits. Blue or hazel eyes is usually owned by this breed, unlike the chocolate or tan pitbulls which tend to have brown eyes. Then, the color of their nose should be in grayish or reddish color. You are able to discover Razor’s Edge, Gotti Pitbulls, and Gator Pitbull bloodlines which sometimes will have the fawn coat.

Blue Fawn Pitbull

Blue Fawn Pitbull 2

Blue Fawn Pitbull 3
Then, what is the difference between this breed and blue nose pitbull? Pitbull with blue nose is the same to the blue fawn because it has a silver pattern. The difference is that the pitbull with blue nose has a grey looking nose which almost looks blue. A lot of breeders produce these awesome looking dogs by selective breeding. This types of dog is very gentle around humans, but it does not always get along with the other dog breeds which means that you need to be careful to watch the dog around the other animals. Then, Health issues also become another concern for this blue nose.

If you think that the blue fawn pitbull is a good pet for you because you fall in love with its color, you can look for blue fawn pitbull puppies for sale. When you decide to buy this blue fawn pitbull, make sure that you come to the right breeder so that you will get the dog which has good quality.

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