Pitbull Mastiff Mix

Are you looking for a guard dog that can be a great pet for you as well? Pitbull mastiff mix perhaps can be your good option. This mix is also called Pit Mastiff, American Masti-Bull, and also Bullmastiff Pitbull Mix. Even though its parent, pitbull, has a bad reputation, but this mix can make good family pets if it gets a lot of socialization. This Pitbull Mastiff is a crossbreed between Pitbull breed and also Mastiff Breed. Pitbull, as we know, is a dog for blood sports like a bull and bear baiting. Because of this reason, the first pitbull is tenacious, aggressive and brave. However, today pitbull is friendly, loyal, affectionate, and also courageous. Mastiff is from Molosser type of dog breed. Same as pitbull, this dog is also used for blood sports, guarding property, and hunting dog like war dog. So, how about the temperament of the mix of these both dogs?

This mix still owns its guard dog instincts like pitbull, one of its parents. In the moment of a disturbance or attack, this dog will defend you. Even though it is very good at recognizing suspicious behaviour from normal, it should be taught to make sure that the dog instinct is kept under control. You do not want its aloofness to strangers become an aggression towards anyone who tries to get close to the dog, right? So, it is important for the dog to be socialized with people from a young age. To do that, you can invite friends or family to your house and make sure they give treats and attention. Besides, you can also walk your Mastiff Pitbull mix around the block. Because of its temperament, this dog is not recommended for a new dog owner, moreover if you prefer a soft touch approach.

Pitbull Mastiff Mix

Pitbull Mastiff Mix 2

Pitbull Mastiff Mix 3
This dog is categorized into a large dog. The size of this dog usually will be about 100 to 140 lbs in weight and 25 to 29 inches in height. So, you will need a lot of space if you have a plan to take care of this dog. If you live in a flat, it is not recommended for you to get this mixed breed. How about its lifespan? A Pitbull Mastiff which is healthy can live up to 8 to 12 years, but it is possible for the dog to have a lifespan more than its normal life expectancy as long as you give it healthy food, give it enough exercise and enough attention as well.

For food, you can give the Bullmastiff Pitbull mix 4 ½ to 6 cups of food daily and it needs to be a dry and high quality dog food. Give it the food in two or three meals at minimum. There are 3 kinds of dog food which you can give to your dog namely raw dog food, homemade dog food, and premium dog food. No matter what kind of food that you choose for your dog, the most important thing is you make sure that the food is fresh, contain a lot of minerals and is not toxic to the body of the dogs.

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