Boxer Pitbull Great Dane Mix

Boxer Great Dane mix pitbull was likely bred around the time most designer breeds came in 1990s and early 2000s. Probably, Boxane came because of the perfect combination both breeds make. The Great Dane and Boxer are very similar so that both breeds together only boost their best qualities.

Boxer Great Dane mix Overview

The Boxane is a new breed and has not been studied in length like their purebred parents. However, this mix will be different and vary depending on their parent. This is particularly right when two different sized breeds mate as you do not know whether they are going to be big or small. For this case, you are going to know the Boxane will be large because both the Great Dane and Boxer are giant dog breeds.

The Great Dane and Boxer are kind with the children. They like being around them. If they get too excited, their large stature could tip them over. As the Boxane very loves attention from the strangers, it would be difficult to discover a more people-friendly breed. Need to know that Boxanes do not make good guard dogs, even though their large size will intimidate the intruders. Although their large size, Boxane is easy to train, however it would be difficult to handle if you are small. It is best to have someone tall and sturdy handle them as they are able to get as big as 200 pounds.

Boxer Pitbull Great Dane Mix

Appearance and Grooming

Apparently, the appearance of the Great Dane Boxer mix will depend on the parent. Even though knowing the parent will not determine what they will look. Usually, the Boxanes are going to be large. They have long legs, floppy ears, muscular torso, and large brown eyes. Their coat mostly depends on which parent they take after. The Great Danes are known for their dalmatian like spots, but they are also able to be fawn, black, blue, or black and white. Commonly, Boxers have brown fur with splotches of black.

You have to be prepared for the Boxane to be over 100 pounds, as they will likely be bigger than that. Also, they are going to be tall, and can stand as high as 30 inches. Boxane sheds a lot, however their glossy coat is very easy to maintain and do not need more than once a week brushing. Need to know that nail trimming should do on a regular basis, particularly for larger pups as their nails may become destructive. Of course, you will want to keep on nail trimming and grinding to keep your home and furniture unscathed.


The Boxanes are very clever and easy to train. The most difficult thing is handling them if the Boxanes get out of the control. It does not mean that they are known for snapping at people, they love everyone they meet. Sometime, they do not know how large they. It is very best to socialize them because puppies not to jump on the strangers. Need to know that positive reinforcement is the best way with any dog. You do not try to slap them or scold them if they do something wrong because your pup is going to grow to resent you, make them harder to train. Just give them treats or toys for a job well done can train them up quickly.

The obedience trainings have to be done as soon as possible once they are puppies so that they are able to tell the difference between what you consider wrong or right. Usually, the dogs look up to their alphas for guidance. They are less likely to disobey if they see you as an authority. The large Boxanes have a large bladder, thus you will not have to worry about accidents in the house. Also, they grow up really fast and can be fully grown in 6 to 8 months. You are able to potty train them immediately out in the backyard.

Exercise and Living Conditions

The Boxane will have endless bouts of energy. They will want to play with you almost constantly. They have one of the biggest exercise requirements of most breeds. If you will not be able to spend many time with them, it is best to pass them up. You will need to exercise them daily for a minimum of two hours a day. It is highly recommended to take them out twice daily. Even, several dog training sites recommend three hours to exercise them daily as larger Boxanes need more time running outdoors. The Boxanes are going to need many rooms and also need to be given a big area for them to stretch out their legs. If you have the funds for a queen size mattress, this would very suit them nicely.

The Boxanes will not like spending many time outside away from you. They have to be outside for playtime. They should not be kept out overnight. Need to know that they have a high tendency to bark when stressed, and suffer from separation anxiety. The Boxane needs a lot of attention and love even though their intimidating looks.

Health and Nutrition

The Boxane is less likely to have health issues because of the genetic blend of these dogs.  Having genes come from two different breeds can help diversify the gene pool and give better health results. Unfortunately, the Boxers are at risk for a lot of health issues. These health issues include intervertebral disk disease, epilepsy, eye problems, hypothyroidism, aortic stenosis, degenerative myelopathy, cardiomyopathy, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, allergies, back problems, ear infections and gastric issues.

Also, the Great Danes are at risk for health problem. They are similar to the Boxer. They are able to develop cardiomyopathy and Wobbler’s Syndrome. This is able to cause the Great Dane to develop a wobbly walk because of the spine compression.

The Boxanes will need a proper diet of mostly protein and fat. According to the American Feed Control Officials, a Boxer Great Dane mixed puppy should have a diet of 22% protein, while the adult should have 18% protein. Also, it is highly recommended to feed the Boxane whole meats like beef, chicken and fish.

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