The Reasons Why Pitbulls are Dangerous

When you look at pitbulls, what is your impression? Some of you may be afraid of this dog and you decide to run away from him. Even you may not think of having this dog at your house. But, why are pitbulls dangerous? Here, we will reveal it for you.

Why Are Pitbulls Dangerous?

Actually, pitbulls are not dangerous. They will be dangerous if they are not trained well. There is a recent research that out of 63% dog attacks, there is 51% of the attacks which came from pitbulls. This is one of the researches which consider pitbulls as dangerous dogs. However, they will not be dangerous if you are able to train them properly. This dog is often misunderstood as a dangerous dog or attacking dog because they are not trained well.

The Reasons Why Pitbulls are Dangerous

Here are the reasons why people say that pitbulls are dangerous.

  • Pitbulls are aggressive dogs. Pitbulls are very aggressive and even they are able to be more aggressive. However, they will act like this if they lack of training. This character can also come because they get irresponsible ownership or treatment from their owner. So, it is very important to treat pitbulls with respect and also train them properly to decrease the possibility of negative traits.
  • Pitbulls are often bred to fight. You may have heard that in the past pitbulls are trained to fight. Most of the ancestors of pitbulls have been trained to fight by their owners. Usually, people who trained them to fight are those who wanted to make money from a dog fight as entertainment.
  • Pitbulls have a violent nature. Pitbulls have a violent nature and they are able to always be more aggressive. Because of this nature, there is a possibility that they can develop temperament issues.
  • Pitbulls do not obtain training properly. As explained earlier, pitbulls can be dangerous if they are not trained properly. If you give them wrong training, it will promote them to be more aggressive.  As a result, it will also be very hard to handle them.  
  • Pitbulls have the ability to fight to the death in a lot of instances. Pitbulls were developed or even has been made to be forced to fight to the death in a lot of instances. Usually, the dogs who cannot continue are often killed by gunshot or other weapons or even to be abandoned.
  • Pitbulls have a grabbing and shaking style. You may have heard some news about pitbulls that they have locking jaws, but it is important to know that it is not true and it is just a misconception. They have very strong jaw muscles and their fighting style is different. Even though one of the reasons why they are dangerous is due to their driving and shaking style, but it does not mean that when they get a grip, they will not let go or leave. The fact is that because of their unique style of grabbing and shaking, people often think that they will not allow them to let go. So, the point is their fighting style is one of the main reasons why pitbulls are dangerous.
  • Pitbulls are not suitable for senior citizens or sensitive people. To have pitbulls, it is recommended that the owners are strong. It is because to be able to control this dog, you need to have a strong grip because pitbulls can be very aggressive and violent to anyone. If there are kids at home, it is better not to have pitbulls because of their nature. But once again, if you can train them properly and teach them not to be very violent or aggressive around the member of your family, then it will be okay.

How to Control Dangerous Pitbulls

To have a pitbull which has good manners, there are several things that you have to do so that you can control this dog. Here they are.

  • Make sure that you train your pitbulls well. For training, you also have to make sure that you give the right training for your pitbulls.
  • You need to make your pitbulls able to follow your command. Besides, it is important to teach them how to stay in one place.
  • You also have to teach them not to bark or bark on command. If you can make them bark on command, it will be very helpful because you are able to keep them silent when you do not want them to bark.
  • It is important for you to hold your pitbulls with a strong grip every time any visitors come to your house. It is because pitbulls can not be very aggressive, very violent and even may attack if you warn them.
  • In certain events where there are a lot of people at your home, you have to chain your pitbulls to make them not to hang around and bite your family members and friends. If you do not chain them, it means that you permit them to hang around free and they can be very dangerous.
  • Make sure that you do not leave your pitbulls chained up. It is because if they are alone or chained, your pitbulls can develop aggression. You are able to permit them to be free when there are no people who can be endangered by them.
  • When you handle your pitbulls, you have to do it with a firm hand. Also, show them some respect because if your pitbulls feel that they are threatened, they may be able to be aggressive and dangerous.
  • You have to socialize your pitbulls properly. If you do not do that, the possibility of your pitbulls to be more aggressive and dangerous is higher.
  • Several things including sirens, sudden noises and other things can trigger your pitbulls to be more aggressive and dangerous. So, you have to make sure that your pitbulls are far from this kind of trigger.
  • When you find that your pitbulls become very violent, you have to try to calm him down and also calm yourself. Also, make sure that you keep your voice firm. 

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