Unbiased Truth About Pit Bulls

When being asked about the breed they know, a lot of people will surely mention Pit Bull. There is no doubt that this breed will come as one of the tops, if not top of the list. It is definitely one of the most popular breeds in the world and one of the most popular breeds to pet.

If you are planning to pet them, it is better for you to read the truth about them. These following truths are totally unbiased.  

Unbiased Truth About Pit Bulls

1. They are well rounder

Pit Bulls are known to excel a lot of skills and usually participate in agility, carting, competitive obedience, hunting, tracking and weight pulling.

2. They are types of dog that are costly to insure

In the rank of the highest medical costs, the American Pit Bull Terrier ranked number 19.

3. Their grooming requirements are minimal

As they have short hair, Pit Bulls are perfect for easy grooming. They are able to be light groomed and bathed once in a while to keep them clean and healthy. Stripping and trimming are not required.

4. They are a good size

Pit Bulls are anywhere between 17 inches to 22 inches tall. This one grows well, reaching full size by age one.

5. They are able to be trained easily

Compared to many other breeds, Pit Bulls are easier to train. They tend to obey their owners and they also need fewer command repetitions.

6. They are not that adaptable

For those who live in an apartment, Pit Bull might not be a good idea due to its activity level. However, this one will thrive in a small to average sized yard.

7. They are considered as active dogs

For those who love to exercise and be active, Pit Bulls are the best option as they will keep you well exercised. It is known to be very energetic and needs daily activity to stay in shape and remain content. 

8. They are quite cheap

Compared to many other breeds, the purebred called Pit Bull costs at an average of $600 for a puppy. People also believe that this one is the most adoptable, that’s explains why it is easy to find them in the shelters.

9. They can have a hard time with the other animals

While it is true that Pit Bulls are able to get along with a lot of people, they are not that well with the other animals. This one needs a lot of socialization as puppies.

10. They can tolerate the heat

Pit Bull can live in hotter weather. However, they cannot live well in the cold weather.

11. Their foods are expensive

Pit Bulls are considered as larger dogs and need 2.5 to 3 cups of food every day. One will need around $235 every year to feed a Pit Bull.  

12. They are blessed with long lifespans

The average life span of Pit Bull is 8 to 15 years. It means it is possible for them to be part of your family for a long time.

13. They don't bark often

Pit Bulls do not bark often. If you see them barking often, the chance of them having a barking problem is high. This kind of thing is usually due to boredom or rambunctiousness.   

14. It is possible for them to be trained as service dogs

Pit Bulls are known to be affectionate and clingy. They can make amazing therapy and service dogs.

15. They have a wide variety of colors

Pit Bulls have many great coat color variations. The most common ones are black, black and tan, blue, brown, gray, red, while, and yellow.

16. Their medical bills can add up

As one of the large dogs, there is a possibility of Pit Bull to suffer from large breed health issues as it gets older. A few common health issues include hip dysplasia, knee problems, thyroid disease, allergies, and mange,  

17. They have a few dental issues

There is nothing to worry about the teeth of Pit Bulls as they have great dental. It means, the chance of them getting dental problems during their lifetime is low.

18. They are not hypoallergenic

For everyone with allergies, Pit Bull might cause some sneezing. They are not hypoallergenic and can shed moderately.

19. They are popular

Almost everyone in this world knows Pit Bull. They are undoubtedly popular, to the point they are the only breed to feature on the cover of the Life magazine three times.

20. They have attacked the most people

While it is true that they are popular and affectionate, Pit Bulls have attacked people. Between 1982 and 2014, there were a total of 1,355child victims and 1,312 adult victims that were attacked. The worst thing is that there are 295 deaths and 2,110 injuries during that time frame.

21. They can tolerate children

If the owners of Pit Bulls train them well, they will love to play and they are great with children.  

22. They are good fence climbers

As they have muscular build, Pit Bulls can scale a large chain link fence. Before taking one to your place, please consider this fact.

23. They usually have a cheerful temperament

If they are trained well and their owners love them, Pit Bulls can be affectionate, cheerful, friendly, loyal and social. In addition, they are also smart and alert.

24. They need higher home insurance

Pit Bulls are included in the blacklisted pet or a dangerous breed to a lot of home insurance companies as they can cost the owners more in insurance. Besides, they can also cause some agencies to deny the insurance.

25. As watchdogs, they are not that strong

Due to the fact that they rarely bark and have so much trust to humans, Pit Bulls are not recommended to be used as watch dogs. On the other side, the loyal nature of theirs can be beneficial for the owners as they will protect them in times of crisis. 

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