Different Types of Pitbulls

Pitbull was bred for the first time in Britain as fighting dogs in cruel blood sports which often cause damage to their health. Then, when immigrants came to America, the aim of breeding changed into another direction that is for a reliable and strong protector. Now, we can see a lot of Pitbull types. Even the most people liberally use the term “Pitbull” for any dog which has the physical traits of Pitbull like bulky body and a square shaped head. Here, we have 5 Pitbull breeds which are popular.

  • The first is American Pitbull Terrier. This dog has 35 to 65 pounds in weight and 18 to 21 inches in height and this dog is categorized into a medium-sized dog. They have a short coat and well-defined muscle structure which looks smooth. They also has tail taper at its point while being slightly thick. This dog possess strength, confidence, loyalty and protective nature and it makes them ideal pet companion for families, especially with kids. The price of this dog varies from $300 to $3000.

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  • The second is American Staffordshire Terrier. This dog has 18 to 19 inches in height and 65 to 90 pounds in weight. They has a body with coat of stiff, thick glossy hair and a stocky, muscular body. Their ears can be cropped and the tail is undocked and short tapering to a point. The price of this breed is about $300 to $500.
  • The third is Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This dog has 28 to 38 pounds in weight. Their coat is short, smooth and clings tightly to its their body and it gives the dog streamlined look. The color of them are usually white black, fawn, brindle and blue. Their personality is enthusiastic, friendly and generally extremely affectionate to the humans. The price is about $300 to $1500.
  • The fourth is American Bulldog. This dog has 60 to 110 pounds in weight. Their coat is smooth and short. Then, they are well built, strong looking dog which has a large head and a muscular build. Generally, they are available in white with patches of red, black, or even brindle which have grown to include red, black, fawn and brown. Their personality is active, social and highly emotional. The price is about $600 to $950.
  • The last one is Bull Terrier. For this breed, there are two sizes available namely miniature and standard. Miniature size is about 10 to 14 inches and standard size is about 20 to 24 inches. Among all types of Pitbulls that we mentioned, this breed is the most recognizable one because of its strong and long oval-shaped head which is flat on the top. Their body is powerfully built and muscular. This breed needs a lot of supervision and companionship that make them good pets for active family. If you have a plan for adopting this kind of dog, it is not advisable to leave them alone for more than 8 hours. The price of this dog is about $2000 to $1000.

So, which type does attract you? Well, the most important thing is you buy it from a reputable breeder and also you are capable of taking care of them. Thank you for reading types of Pitbulls list, you can more about pitbull in this site.

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