Do French Bulldogs Shed?

You may have a French bulldog, and you are wondering whether it sheds. It is true that it is designated as a low-shedding type of dog. However, unlike many other breeds, French bulldogs vary quite a bit in their shedding characteristics. Certain factors will impact how much one of these French Bulldogs will shed, such as its food, its age and genetic profile. Also, the weather has an impact.

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

Yes, French Bulldogs do shed. But most French Bulldogs do not shed much, it depends on genetics. Because of the thin single coats of French Bulldogs, most owners are able to enjoy a relatively low-shedding coat. There are some factors that can lead to heavier shedding in French Bulldogs, such as changes in season, coat color, nutrition and more. French Bulldogs are not the heaviest shedding dogs. But even so, the basics of grooming must still be applied. Read on to learn why French Bulldogs shed less than other dogs and how to properly care for their coats.

Do French Bulldogs Shed

Why French Bulldogs Shed Less?

There are some reasons why French Bulldogs shed so much less than other dogs. While they may not be hypoallergenic, they are close enough.

  1. Frenchie’s Single Coat Sheds Less

French Bulldogs are fortunate to have been developed with a single coat. A single coat is a single layer of fur. But not all dog breeds have a single coat. Many sport breeds have double coats. The difference is that double coat dog breeds have two layers of fur; an undercoat and topcoat. This type of coat is usually seen in working dogs or breeds that developed to withstand cold temperatures. The undercoat is a dense coat to keep the dog warm in harsh cold climates. It has a wool-like feel that is why it is so effective for insulation.

But the topcoat has a different purpose. The second layer is to protect the dog from water, shrubs, snow, grass or any other environmental hazards. Probably, it is why the hairs of the topcoat are called the guard hairs. On the other hand, French Bulldogs were bred to be companions. The breeders had bred down the English Bulldog to make a toy version for English lace-makers in the middle to late 1800s. As such, French Bulldogs did not need double coats. The dogs that have two layers of fur will have double the opportunities to shed. So, the owners are lucky that French Bulldogs are single-coated dogs.

  1. A Small Dog Leads to Less Shedding

French Bulldogs are not large dogs. In fact, French Bulldogs were purposely bred to be small-sized dogs to fit in the laps of their owners. French Bulldogs weigh no more than 16 to 28 pounds. They grow no taller than 12 inches in most cases. This means that there is less surface area on the French Bulldogs, thus less fur to shed. Small dog breeds may be high-shedding dogs, but compared to a Great Dane, French Bulldogs will not shed nearly as much fur. Fortunately for French Bulldogs, they are both small dogs and low-shedding dog breeds. Therefore, when it comes to the amount of fur you have to clean up, you are going to have a much easier time. Of course, this does not mean no grooming is required.

Reasons For Heavier Shedding in French Bulldogs

Usually, French Bulldogs will not shed up a storm in the home. But there may be times when they are going to shed heavier than usual. These reasons for excessive shedding will range anywhere from underlying health problems to poor nutrition or genetics.

French Bulldogs’ Coat Colors

Occasionally, the coat color of the dog can affect the amount of shedding. Most Pug owners admit that black pugs shed less than a fawn-colored Pug. But do colors affect the amount of shedding with French Bulldogs? As we know that French Bulldogs have many coat colors. According to the American Kennel Club’s official breed standard, there are nine standard colors with a total of 11 recognized coat colors. Depending on the coat color, the feel of the coat will be different.

Based on the research, cream and light fawn colored French Bulldogs will shed more than others. On the other hand, black and dark brindle-colored dogs will shed the least. Another French Bulldog owner claims that his black and brindle colored French Bulldog has a silkier and smoother coat, while his parent-in-laws’ cream Frenchie has a coarse coat which sheds easier. Of course, there is no conclusive evidence as to why this is.

Coat Blowing in French Bulldogs

The coat blow in the dogs is a natural phenomenon where the dogs are going to shed their existing coats in preparation for a temperature change. It is a way for the dogs, mainly those with thick double coats, to regulate their body temperature. But coat blowing is far more common and apparent in double-coated dogs breeds because they have more fur. Though it does not mean single coated dogs like your French Bulldog will not experience this as well.

In the summer, the dogs need a lighter coat to stay cool in warmer temperatures. But in the winter time, they will need a different coat. It means that their winter coat is thicker and denser. To change coats, the dogs will need to shed in the spring and fall. French Bulldogs only shed a lot twice a year; spring and fall. During the spring, the French Bulldog is shedding the winter coat in preparation for the summer coat. Likewise, fall is the time the French Bulldog sheds the summer coat for the winter coat.

Malnutrition in French Bulldogs

Another reason the French Bulldogs may experience heavier shedding is when they are not receiving enough nutrients in their diets. According to Dr. Roy Cruzen DVM, this is the number one reason for excessive shedding in the dogs. Current research about dog nutrition has shown that a well-balanced diet is necessary for a healthy dog. The ideal dog diet consists of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

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