Why is My Dog Being Clingy All of a Sudden?

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When the owner finds that the dog is clingy all of a sudden, there may be something wrong. Actually, the reasons why a dog can be clingy all of a sudden varies as you can read in the explanation below.

According to the Dogs and Clogs, here are some reasons why a dog is clingy all of a sudden.

Why is My Dog Being Clingy All of a Sudden

The Dog Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be a reason why a dog is suddenly clingy. According to scientists, when a dog is suffering from anxiety, here are the other strange behaviours that will be shown by dogs.

  • They get scared easily.
  • They sleep on the bed of the owner.
  • They often show aggressiveness.
  • They destroy things when the owner is not present.
  • They pee and poop when the owner is not around.
  • They pace back and forth when the owner is about to leave.
  • They whine excessively the second the owner leaves the house.
  • They become anxious with loud noises such as thunder and they will be more clingy.

However, if dogs are not showing the signs mentioned above, but they are still clingy, it seems that the dogs are Velcro dogs where they will only follow the owner when the owner is in the house. How to compare between dogs with separation anxiety and Velcro dogs? Velcro dogs will be clingy only when the owner is on-site. Meanwhile, dogs who are suffering from separation anxiety will be clingy or anxious when the owner sets their foot outside.

It is also important to note that Velcro dogs can level up to separation anxiety so that the owner needs to pay attention to this like training the dog to become independent and buying stimulating toys.

Now, how to manage the dogs’ separation anxiety? Here are several things that can be done to manage separation anxiety suffered by dogs as explained on the Dogs and Clogs site.

  • The dog must be taken to a vet as soon as possible.
  • The owner needs to interact with the dog often.
  • The owner needs to create a safe place for the dog.
  • The owner needs to make time for distance-related training and games.
  • The owner needs to introduce a new dog and permit them to warm up each other.

The Dog is Sick

Another reason why a dog is clingy is because the dog is sick. Before the clinginess is shown by the dog, previously they may have shown other signs. According to researchers, epileptic dogs become very clingy when they are about to have an episode.

There is a study that found that clinginess is often associated with musculoskeletal pains where when dogs are sick, they will look for attention from the owner and look for comfort.

If the owner finds that the dog is sick, of course the dog needs to be taken to a vet and make sure that the owner does not diagnose it by themselves.

The Dog Is Old

When the dog is old, their health also decreases. Senior dogs will lose their hearing senses first and then they will slowly lose their sight. If it happens, then the dog will be anxious so that they are clingy.

The thing that the owner can do is to take the dog to the vet for regular checkups.

The Dog Is Jealous

Let’s say that the owner has a new furry friend at home. If so, there is a possibility that the dog is jealous because it will stimulate a dog’s territorial side. There is research which says that dogs can be jealous when they need to share the owner with another pet. The dog even can be aggressive to the new pet.

So, what does the owner need to do to manage the jealousy of the dog? The owner needs to introduce the new animal to the dog and study their behaviours first.

The Dog Is Bored

When dogs are clingy, it may happen because they are bored. In the past, the dog may often be taken to play. However, recently, due to the owner’s activities, the dog is seldom to be taken to play so that it makes the dog bored. So, when they are bored, they cling to the owner because they need the owner to stimulate their mind by directing their actions.

To manage it, the owner can spend their time teaching the dog something new. The owner may be able to hide treats around the house so that the dog has something that they need to do.

The Dog Is in Heat

If the dog is a female and then the dog is clingy, it must be checked whether the dog is in heat. It is because there is a report which shows that dogs in the estrus cycle experience hormonal change where it leads to behavioural changes.

When the dog is experiencing this, the dog will be at your side. They also will have physical pains so that they will look for comfort in the owner.

As explained on the Dogs and Clogs, here are the symptoms if the dog is in heat.

  • There is bleeding in vagina.
  • Their bodies are trembling.
  • They often pee.
  • Their body posture is tense.
  • They will approach male dogs.
  • They have high levels of alertness.

If it happens, the owner can spay the female dog where it is done to avoid this early on. However, if the owner does not want to spay the dog, the owner needs to stay by her side.

The Dog Is About To Give Birth Its Puppies

If the dog is about to give birth to its puppies, the dog will show signs and one of them is sudden clinginess. According to the researchers, they found that a pregnant dog is emotionally sensitive. They have a tendency to bond with their owners because they want to get support. Besides being clingy, they will also show other signs such as heavy panting and a drop in temperature.

If it happens, the dog needs to be accompanied or it can be taken to a vet.

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