French Bulldog Anxiety Symptoms

One of the common issues with French Bulldogs is anxiety. Just like humans, they can also get anxiety. Usually, anxiety can be seen through body language. In some cases, it is also expressed audibly. As an owner of the French Bulldog, it is important for you to know when your dog or puppy is anxious so that you can help this creature as soon as possible.

There are a number of symptoms of French Bulldogs with anxiety, as follows:

  1. Destructive chewing

Destructive chewing is one of the symptoms that are usually shown by the French Bulldogs when they have anxiety. Aside from anxiety, it can also be a symptom of depression, frustration, stress, and loneliness. All the symptoms can be shown due to separation anxiety.

If your French Bulldog is destructive chewing, instead of spraying the areas in your place and hiding all the items that are valuable to you, it is better for you to find the reason that makes your dog do destructive chewing. Once you manage to find the right cause, make sure to fix it.

  1. Excessive barking

Apparently, French Bulldogs can also show excessive barking when they have anxiety. Just like destructive chewing, it can also be a sign of depression, frustration, stress, and loneliness. One of the reasons why they keep barking is because they are left alone without getting accompanied. Make sure to ask someone else if there is no one in your place and you have to go. It is better for you to ask someone that your dog is already familiar with as it may keep barking if it is with a stranger.

French Bulldogs to dig in the backyard

  1. Excessive digging

While it is normal for dogs like French Bulldogs to dig in the backyard, it can also mean something else. If your dog does it when you are not home, there is a chance that your dog is suffering from anxiety. Please take care of your dog well and try to find a solution.

  1. Excessive scratching of doors or walls

If your French Bulldog feels anxious, do not get surprised if he is also frustrated and or depressed. When it feels that way, one of the things that it may do include scratching doors and or walls. This kind of thing usually happens when you leave your dog alone. The door that is usually scratched by the dog is the one where you exit.

  1. Excessive whining

Whining can also be a symptom of anxiety, especially when it is excessive. This kind of thing can also be followed by pacing. It is one of the natural responses when the French Bulldogs feel anxious. Just check out the surroundings and find out the cause that makes them anxious.

  1. Excessive hiding

Aside from the symptom of fear, excessive hiding can also be a symptom of anxiety. When you are the owner of a home, your French Bulldog may feel anxious and try to look for the place where it can smell your scent. To relieve itself, it may hide for hours somewhere.

  1. Excessive sleeping

Growing is like the communication used by the French Bulldogs as it has no ability to talk. If your dog is growing, it means there is something that it wants you to know. One of the things that it may feel is anxiety. Besides, some other ones include being afraid, getting annoyed, and so on.

  1. Losing appetite

One of the things that can be seen easily when the French Bulldogs have anxiety is a constant loss of appetite. They may lose appetite, resulting in them losing weight.

  1. Trying to escape

When your French Bulldog tries to escape your place, it may be suffering from anxiety. It is possible especially when it hits its head and teeth against the crate bars and makes it injure. If your dog shows this extreme behavior, take action and do not just wait. It is serious and it needs to be fixed.

  1. Chewing on their paws

While it is true that chewing on their paws can be the side effect of medication, it can also be caused by anxiety. If your French Bulldog does not take any medicine, then it can be the symptom of anxiety. However, it is not always the case as it can also become a habit when it does not have anything to do.

  1. Urinating or defecating

If your French Bulldog has gone through pot training but it always has an accident when you are not around, there is a chance that the dog feels anxious every time you are away. In worst cases, the dogs may even start to eat their own feces. Not only is it pretty gross but it also can make them suffer. That’s why as the owner you should fix it as soon as possible.

  1. Shaking or shivering

The French Bulldogs can shake or shiver when they are anxious. In addition to anxiety, it can also happen due to fear, side effects of medication, illness, hunger, and old age.

  1. Unnecessary freezing

Whenever you see your French Bulldog freezes or gets rigid when you come home or when you are about to leave, do not ignore it. It may be a sign of anxiety, especially if it happens more than once. Apparently, it is normal for the pets to have separation anxiety. To prevent this kind of thing from happening, you are recommended to not leave your dog alone. Even if you have to go, try to ask someone to accompany your dog while you are not around.

  1. Following the owner everywhere they go

If your French Bulldog keeps following you whenever you go and it is unusual, do not get annoyed as it may be a symptom of anxiety. It is possible for your dog to be worried that you leave it alone. If it is the case, do not ignore it and try to fix it. Do not make the dog struggle with separation anxiety.

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