Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids?

The French Bulldogs are great companions. They bred to be energetic and lively with an easy-going demeanor. But if you are a parent, you may be wondering how they are going to interact with your kids. Are French Bulldogs good with kids? Let us discuss that case on this page.

Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids?

Yes, French Bulldogs are good with the kids. Apparently, French Bulldogs are great companions for kids of all ages. According to the ATTS, French Bulldogs have one of the most stable dog temperaments with a passing rate of 96.2%. Combined with their playful nature, affection and patience, French Bulldogs always thrive with kids in the home. The French Bulldog has a pleasant temperament.

Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids''

From looks alone, a French Bulldog looks far from a threat. They are small dogs with a vibrant smile, almost all the time. When you examine the temperament of this breed, you are going to understand that kids and French Bulldog are a match. In our opinion, the dog breed’s temperament is one of the most important factors to determine the kid-friendliness of the breed. Kids are able to be noisy, rowdy, and oftentimes, unpredictable. It is a big reason why the dog needs a temperament which is stable.

In addition, according to the ATTS, in a temperament test, these French Bulldogs scored a passing rate of 96.2% on average. For reference, the average among all breeds is only 83.4%. Thus, it is hard to get a French Bulldog to show aggression.

Some Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are Great for Kids

French Bulldogs are able to be happy with the kids. With the proper training and socialization, these French Bulldogs were practically built to be their playmates. There are some reasons why French Bulldogs and kids are perfect for one another.

  1. French Bulldogs were bred to be companions

The French Bulldogs were bred to be companions. So, the only job of a French Bulldog is to be a friend and companion of their humans. They did not need to hunt or retrieve. They are only lap dogs with a positive vibe. French Bulldogs are only the toy version of bulldog breeds. When bulldogs were widely famous in England, several started breeding for smaller size and friendlier temperaments. They still had all the qualities of bulldogs, even though with a touch of liveliness.

French Bulldogs have all the qualities of a superb companion. They are loyal, sociable, people-oriented, and playful dogs. For these reasons, their transition into life with kids is easy and almost effortless, becoming a huge reason for their fame. Usually, French Bulldogs are happiest when they have loads of human interaction. In return, you are going to get a dog that showers your family with affection and love.

  1. French Bulldogs may be small, but they are durable

French Bulldogs are small dog breeds, but they are built sturdy and durable. At the same time, they are not too big either. Usually, larger dogs tend to be more durable. But due to their size, they are able to pose a danger to younger children. Even if you have a sweet and gentle big dog, there is still an opportunity he could accidentally knock over a young kid. According to the American Kennel Club, typically a French Bulldog is between 11 to 13 inches tall at the shoulder. They have a bit of heft and can weigh up to 30 pounds.

  1. French Bulldogs are quiet dogs

French Bulldogs are relatively quiet dogs, compared to many other small dogs. Although the barking frequently depends on the individual, some French Bulldogs are known to be excessive yappers. According to the Good Housekeeping, French Bulldogs are one of the quietest breeds. French Bulldogs love to talk and communicate with their owners. But instead of loud barks, they prefer to make all types of strange noises, such as gargles, yawns, and a little bit of yodeling.

These sounds tend to be entertaining for the kids. At least, they are a lot better than barking that can easily scare a kid. If you have infants or babies in the house, the lack of barking will be a big plus. Because babies and loud noises do not mix, having a quieter dog will bring more peace into the home. Trust me, having a dog that constantly wakes up the baby is really no fun.

  1. French Bulldogs are energetic, but not hyperactive

French Bulldogs are enough active dogs. They are going to have the energy and liveliness to match the children. But they are not overly-energetic to the point where they are going to be too rough on the children. Rather, they are perfectly suited for them. When playing, French Bulldogs are going to be at their happiest. These fun-loving dogs will enjoy the quality time spent with their owners, including the children.

According to Borrow My Doggy, French Bulldogs need about one hour of exercise a day. You are able to ask your dog to walk around the neighborhood or play catch with the kids. However due to their short snouts, swimming is not a good idea for French Bulldogs. They do not demand high-intensity activities, so many exercise options can be done with the kids. In fact, we highly suggested getting the kids involved to further develop and nurture the bond between the Frenchie Bulldogs and the kids.

Socializing French Bulldogs with Kids

French Bulldogs are able to develop aggressive tendencies towards other kids. This protectiveness is mainly because they love their family, and not necessarily because the dog is aggressive by nature. The best way to curb this negative behavior is through socializing the dog with Kids. You are able to allow the dog to meet as many kids as possible. The point is to assist them understand that all kids are good, and not only the family kids.

The more a French Bulldog is able to interact with all types of characters, then the more stable he will be in adulthood. Socializing becomes the foundation for dog temperaments, so that the dogs would be better adjusted to living in society alongside humans. According to the Humane Society, the best time for socializing a French Bulldog is between weeks 3 and 20. During this golden period, your French Bulldog will be more fearless and carefree.

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