What Do French Bulldogs Usually Die From?

Over the past few decades, French Bulldog have gained popularity with cuddly, docile and playful characteristics. However, the French Bulldogs also have some health problems, just like all brachycephalic breeds. Of course, it’s very important for you to recognize that health problems they face will stop their life forever.

Death in a French Bulldog can certainly be caused by various diseases. Reportedly, there are some dangerous diseases that cause the French Bulldog to be fatal and even die. If you need information about the cause of the French Bulldog dying, you can dive into our post, as we’ll show you about it below!

What Do French Bulldogs Usually Die From

What Causes the French Bulldogs to Die?

According to the Institute of Canine Biology, French bulldogs most usually die from Cancer at 10 years old. As we know, cancer is a deadly disease that is equally responsible for a considerable number of French Bulldog deaths.

Lymphoma and brain tumors are the most common and fatal variants of cancer that French Bulldog commonly suffer from. However, this dog is also predisposed to mast cell cancer, bone cancer and breast cancer.

However, the cause of French Bulldogs to die is not only Cancer. There are two other diseases that potentially cause a French Bulldog to die. Here they are:

  • Respiratory Problems

Because of their short snouts and pushed in faces, French Bulldogs are at a high risk of suffering respiratory issues. Well, a considerable number of French Bulldogs die yearly to a number of respiratory problems that commonly happen because of the dogs’ unusual facial anatomy.

  • Neurological Disorders

This kind of disease commonly affects a French Bulldog’s nervous system and also claims a significant amount of French Bulldog lives yearly. Among all the neurological issues which French Bulldogs are prone to suffering from, the Intervertebral Disc Disease is the most commonly diagnosed, and the most dangerous disorder.

Furthermore, brain tumors also lead to a significant amount of neurological issues which French Bulldogs commonly suffer from. It’s also common to come across one of those dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy.

In addition to cancer, French Bulldog are also susceptible to a variety of common health problems, including:

  • Patella luxation
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Back and spine problems
  • Food or environmental allergies
  • Eye infections
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Hip dysplasia issues
  • IVDD
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Addison’s disease
  • Etc.

Even though those conditions will not necessarily be the cause of French Bulldog death, the complications from them will be.

Most of those medical conditions will be easily treated with appropriate care and attention. These diseases are even possible to prevent the occurrence of particular diseases in French Bulldog.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a French Bulldog?

If we talk about at what age a French Bulldog will die, it will depend on their heritage, lifestyle, genetic makeup and a range of other contributing factors.

According to the American Kennel Club, a French Bulldog will live on average for 10 to12 years. However, it rarely happens and it’s so common to see French Bulldogs live for just between 7 to 10 years before they die. That is relatively moderate, particularly when it is compared to other small breeds.

It is known that some French Bulldogs will live to be older than the average with records of the oldest French Bulldog being a whopping 18 years. You may need to know everything that can give them a long and happy life, though you should never have unrealistic expectations about the age of your dog.

How to Know Your French Bulldog Is Dying?

There are some symptoms that are typically displayed by a dying French Bulldog. If you see the following symptoms on your French Bulldogs, it may indicate your French Bulldog is dying:

  • Lethargy

As an active dog breed, it may be weird when French Bulldogs are suddenly passive and always sleep more. They will start to show a lack of interest in daily activities which once used to get it excited are early signs that a French Bulldog is dying.

  • Breathing Difficulties

When your French Bulldog nears death, it is very common for your dog to experience breathing difficulties. Well, it commonly manifests as irregular or heavy breathing patterns.

  • Loss of weight and appetite

Aside from showing lethargy, a dying French Bulldog will also tend to eat less food and the dog may finally stop eating altogether. After frequently rejecting food, in turn, it can cause a dying French Bulldog to lose body mass and the dog commonly looks emaciated.

  • Decrease in body temperature

When a French Bulldog’s last days draw near, the dog’s body temperature commonly drops abnormally low. It will feel warm to the touch when you stroke the French Bulldog’s body.

Why Do French Bulldogs Have a Short Lifespan?

You may already know that small-sized dogs tend to outlive their larger counterparts, but French Bulldog is an exception. There are several factors to determine how long a French Bulldog will live for and which are not unrelated to this dog’s relatively short lifespan include:

  • Genetics

Naturally, French Bulldogs are prone to some issues and a pup whose parents have a history of medical conditions will have a higher opportunity of inheriting those diseases, leading to a short life spent in and out of the vet.

Otherwise, French Bulldogs who inherit good genes from their parents will have a higher natural resistance to those diseases. Of course, such dogs will have a better chance of leading long, healthy lives.

To fix the problem of purchasing a French Bulldog with bad genes, it is suggested that you can only do business and buy your dog from a reputable breeder, with a track record for giving  quality at all times.

  • Gender Differences

One of the studies in the UK in 2013 have proven that male French Bulldogs are more likely to develop health related issues, when compared to their female counterparts. Even though it has been observed that this is commonly not the case, this predisposition to disease may likely have a negative impact on the dog’s lifespan.

  • Health Issues

It is known that French Bulldogs are notorious for easily succumbing to a long list of health conditions. Of course, those medical conditions can seriously decrease the quality of a French Bulldog’s life, causing premature death.

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