French Bulldog Nose Surgery Before and After

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Nose surgery is very necessary for French Bulldogs, since most of these dog breeds suffer BOAS Syndrome that makes it challenging for French Bulldogs to breathe. There are some kinds of BOAS Syndrome that your French Bulldogs experience. One of the most common experiences is Stenotic Nares.

Nose surgery aims to improve their respiratory system, since these dog breeds really have smaller noses, airways and throats. If you accidentally have French Bulldogs and have a plan to have nose surgery, you may want to know the condition of your French Bulldogs’ nose before and after. Well, you can simply dive into our post to find out the differences.

Here’s the Difference for Before and After Nose Surgery!

From internet sources, we have found some French Bulldogs’ owners who regret the death of their lovely French Bulldogs because of BOAS Syndrome. Well, the owners are basically late and tend not to have the courage to do nose surgery on their lovely pet.

The large number of deaths of French bulldogs can be caused by one of the reasons, namely the lack of awareness and education on dog owners about BOAS Syndrome, symptoms and those effects on their dog.

In fact, nose surgery absolutely requires brachycephalic dogs, since they really have small noses, narrow nostrils, small throats and also narrow airways. Those conditions make it challenging for French Bulldogs to take breath.

Let’s see the picture for before and after nose surgery that we got from some sources!

French Bulldog Nose Surgery Before and After

Image sources

French Bulldog Nose Surgery

Image sources

From the picture, you can see how narrow the French Bulldog’s nose was before surgery, compared to the right one or bottom one after surgery. Well, French Bulldogs’ noses in the picture above are very narrow compared to a dog with a normal nose.

After nose surgery, you can see their noses are wider than before surgery. With a wider nose, French bulldogs’ airways will certainly be easier, so they don’t struggle hard when breathing. Your French Bulldogs have not experienced excessive panting yet after nose surgery, since their airway and throats will be wider than before.

One of the important respiratory systems on French Bulldogs is Stenotic Nares. Well, why nose surgery is very important is to improve their respiration. With soft palate and tongue as well as tissues with nostrils, they can lead your French Bulldog to have the obstruction on the flow of air in the upper airways.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for BOAS patients to recover their condition after nose surgery. Your French Bulldogs may have complications when waking from procedures with an anaesthetic, because of their breathing difficulties and they can become stressed and gasp for air.

Why Do Your French Bulldogs Need Nose Surgery

Why Do Your French Bulldogs Need Nose Surgery?

Due to their small nose shape, French Bulldogs have a classic case of ‘brachycephalic syndrome’ (BOAS syndrome). This syndrome refers to a group of conditions produced from the body conformation of dogs with short noses (brachycephalic dogs).

BOAS syndrome basically causes snoring and difficulty breathing. There are four parts of BOAS syndrome, including:

  • Tracheal hypoplasia (narrowed trachea) or a narrowed windpipe, or trachea
  • An elongated soft palate that means that the back of the roof of their mouth is so long, so that it covers the opening of the windpipe. It can cause your French Bulldogs snoring when it vibrates.
  • Stenotic nares, aka tiny nostrils that can reduce the airflow and also prevent getting enough oxygen.
  • Everted Laryngeal Saccules. It is known that saccules are fleshy structures at the opening of the airway. The saccules will be mechanically pulled out into the airway when brachycephalic breeds have difficulty breathing, over time.

Well, those are some reasons why your French Bulldogs will require you to get nose surgery.

Aside from that, French Bulldogs’ nasal cavities are also compacted in a small and short nose, leading them very torturous that can increase the resistance to airflow through them. The soft palate French Bulldogs have is too long and thick for their flat face, making it obstruct the back of their throat and also causing at best to loud ‘snoring’ noises when they breathe.

Brachycephalic breeds are struggling to catch their breath and that they would also wake themselves up when sleeping. Unfortunately, many French Bulldogs owners are not aware of this condition and how impactful it is or could be to their French Bulldog’s health and quality of their life.

Tips and Tricks for Nose Surgery on Your French Bulldogs

Thankfully, BOAS syndromes can be treated with nose surgery and of course it is commonly recommended for both moderate and severe cases. Before your French Bulldogs get nose surgery, there are some tips and tricks you can take. Here they are:

  • Right timing for nose surgery

The ideal time to take nose surgery for your French Bulldogs is when they reach a minimum of one year old. Keep in mind, early correction of nose surgery will significantly improve the function of their airway and will prevent the development of everted laryngeal saccules and other BAS secondary problems.

  • Look for reputable veterinarian

After your French Bulldogs are eligible for nose surgery, you should then look for a reputable vet which is familiar with BOAS problems, Stenotic Nares and bully anesthesia, as well as other BOAS conditions requiring surgical repair.

  • Elective surgeries

It would be better to take elective surgery to avoid tragic post-op complications of elective procedures such as neuter and spaying. Of course, BOAS problems need to be repaired at the same time or prior to those electives.

  • Cooling step

You will be able to keep your Stenotic Nares bully cool and well-ventilated. Aside from recognizing AC, you also need to move air over your French bulldog with a fan or open window. At this time, supplying your French Bulldog with oxygen is very necessary.

  • Evaluate soft palate

It’s very important to evaluate the palate and repair it when your French Bulldogs are induced for their Stenotic Nares repair. However, your French Bulldogs who have Stenotic Nares will suffer from other brachycephalic syndrome conditions, such as elongated soft palate.

  • Radiographs

You also need to take a chest radiograph to evaluate your French Bulldog’s trachea, airways, heart and lungs.

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