What Do You Breed to Get a Fluffy French Bulldog?

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Commonly French Bulldogs have short and rough hair. But there are some dogs that carry a gene which makes them have slightly longer, fluffy French Bulldog. This gene is recognized as the LH gene. It is present within the French Bulldog population naturally. It is quite rare, which makes fluffy French Bulldogs rare too. Also, to have longhair, the dog has to inherit two LH genes, because it is recessive. The carriers have the common short hair. But several breeders have sought to breed dogs that have this gene that allows them to successfully breed French Bulldogs.

A Fluffy French Bulldog – What Do You Breed to Get One?

Apparently, lots of people think that Fluffy French Bulldogs are a mixed breed due to their unusual appearance. In fact, Fluffy French Bulldogs are purebred. It means that Fluffy French Bulldogs are born to two purebred French Bulldogs. However, the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other dog organizations do not allow long-haired French Bulldogs to be registered as they do not fit the dog breed standards.

When you think about that, all the purebred French Bulldogs right now were hybrids at one point in time. Lots of people have been crossing different dogs to get the desired traits for centuries. Need to know that the classic French Bulldog was created in the 1800s by crossing the English Bulldog with local terriers for reducing their size. When these small puppies discovered their way to France, then they became famous among high-society circles. Their popularity never stopped rising, which is why the French Bulldog was one the most famous dogs in the United States in the year 2020.

We get information that one theory which explains the presence of the long-haired gene in French Bulldogs involves the ratter dogs. The local terriers had medium- to long-length coats so their genes were passed down to their descendants. Also, the demand for the Fluffy French Bulldogs has increased in recent times. Trying to make quick money, there are some breeders who crossed French Bulldogs with Chihuahuas to get the long hair effect. Actually, this should not occur if you get your French Bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder who allows you to meet its parents. If you want to ensure that your French Bulldog is 100% French Bulldog, you have to ask the breeder to do a breed identification test.

What Do You Breed to Get a Fluffy French Bulldog

Who Should Get a Fluffy French Bulldog?

The Fluffy French Bulldog was bred for almost 200 years as a companion animal. The Fluffy French Bulldogs love to be around people. They want to spend a lot of time being affectionate and also trying to please their owners. People working long hours or taking lots of trips away from home might not be a good match as the Fluffy French Bulldogs do not like to be alone.

Families do well with Fluffy French Bulldogs because they are non-aggressive and can adapt well around the children. Also, other pets are not a problem because the Fluffy French Bulldogs get along with other dogs and other pets such as the cats. Older adults who are retired and spend a lot of time at home are great candidates too.

The owners of these Fluffy French Bulldogs have to stay up to date on their care because of their health issues. However, those issues are easily dealt with by adjusting several things with their exercise or grooming schedule. None of them reduce from the fact that a Fluffy French Bulldog can be a loyal and loving companion that can bring a lot of enjoyment for a long time.

Some Fluffy French Bulldog Breeders

Fluffy French Bulldog breeders are even rarer than Fluffy French Bulldogs themselves.

Here are some popular Fluffy French Bulldog breeders throughout the United States:

  1. REO Ranch

REO Ranch is a Fluffy French Bulldog breeder which is located in Carmel Valley, California.

For more info, you are able to check out their website.

  • Located in California
  • Email: kathy@reoranch.com
  • Facebook: ReoRanch
  1. Beantown Frenchies

Beantown Frenchies is another French Bulldog breeder that offers Fluffy French Bulldogs.

For more info, you are able to check out their website.

  • Located in Andover, Massachusetts
  • Email: beantownfrenchies@gmail.com
  • Facebook: @beantownfrenchies
  • Instagram: @beantownfrenchies
  1. AKC Marketplace

The AKC Marketplace is not a breeder, however they allow the breeders to post listings of their dogs. Due to this being a marketplace, availability is going to vary from time to time, so you have to check back frequently if you are looking for a Fluffy French Bulldog.

For more info, you are able to check out their website.

  • Multiple breeders available
  • Availability will vary
  1. Francoeur French Bulldogs

Francoeur French Bulldogs is another Fluffy Frenchie breeder which is located in Southern California. They are American Kennel Club registered breeders. Not only do they offer a 1-year health guarantee for ear, hip, and eye defects, but they also test all their beloved dogs according to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals standards.

  • Located in Southern California
  • Email: francoeurfrenchies@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 805-233-0238
  • Facebook: Francoeur French Bulldogs
  • Instagram: @francoeurfrenchies
  • View their contact form
  1. FrenchieClassifieds.com

FrenchieClassifieds.com is an official site where anybody can advertise their French Bulldog for sale or for adoption. Please be sure to do your research on the specific breeder that you are looking at.

  1. TatosFrenchies.com

Tattoos Frenchies is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Also, they are one of the few breeders that has Fluffy French Bulldogs available. Additionally, they also offer a one-year full health guarantee. Therefore, if your French Bulldog experiences any health issues stated in their contract, they are going to cover the medical expenses.

  • Located in West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Puppies are AKC registered and health tested
  • Phone: 1-561-806-4818
  • Instagram: @TatosFrenchies
  • Facebook: @TatosFrenchies
  1. Cherry Valley Blue Frenchies

It seems like California cannot get enough of Fluffy French Bulldogs, because our last Fluffy French Bulldog breeder is based in Cherry Valley, California.

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