Lilac Tan Platinum French Bulldog DNA

Platinum is an extremely rare coloring requiring a combination of three sets of recessive genes. Whilst similar in color to cream, they have unique features that make them highly desirable. Lilac Platinum is one of them. Well, let us talk about that and other information related to Platinum French Bulldog.

What is Platinum French Bulldog – Know About Lilac Platinum French Bulldog DNA

Need to know that a Platinum French Bulldog refers to a unique combination of the colors. The most crucial part of genetics relates to the cream coloring gene. It is located in the E Locus, and is a recessive coloring. What this gene does effectively is override any other colorings on the coat, making it appear cream. Cream is able to display itself as anything between a white through to apricot color.

The second gene which is needed for Platinum French Bulldog is the dilution gene, this is frequently referred to as the blue gene. It is located in the D Locus, and it is also recessive. If a dog carries these genes and not the others required for Platinum, then it will have a blue coat. If a French Bulldog has both the blue and cream coloring, this will be referred to as a Champagne French Bulldog. The Third gene required for a platinum French Bulldog comes from two different sources. This will relate to the chocolate coloring, there are two separate gene pools which can produce this.

The first chocolate gene is called the Cocoa gene, this is seen in genetics as coco. It is far more common than the second choice. If you see a platinum or chocolate French Bulldog, it is most likely due to this gene. When you have a Cocoa Chocolate + Blue + Cream, this will give you a Platinum French Bulldog. If it was only containing the Cocoa Chocolate + Blue gene, then this will result in a Lilac French Bulldog.

The second chocolate gene is called Brown. This is produced in the B locus. Also, it is a recessive gene bb, and this is less common than Cocoa. This is frequently referred to as testable chocolate. However, it is now possible to test for coco so this name is outdated. When you have the Brown Chocolate + Blue + Cream, this will give you a Platinum French Bulldog. But this can also be referred to as an Isabella Platinum French Bulldog. The reason is that this version of Chocolate + Blue results in an Isabella French Bulldog.

The last genetic combination for a Platinum French Bulldog is when all four of the above are combined. This will mean a Brown Chocolate + Cocoa Chocolate + Blue + Cream. Due to the rarity of this kind of French Bulldog there is not a consensus around the name, but based on other naming conventions it is called a Newshade Platinum French Bulldog.

Lilac Tan Platinum French Bulldog DNA

How Much Does a Platinum French Bulldog Cost?

There are some other factors that can increase or decrease the cost of a Platinum French Bulldog. Due to Platinum French Bulldogs being rare themselves, if you add other rare traits such as merle or fluffy, the cost can spiral to unrealistic amounts quickly.

Here is the range of cost you can expect. Since Platinum’s are mainly purchased for breeding, you have to expect to pay a high price.

  • Platinum French Bulldog: $5,000 +
  • Isabella Platinum French Bulldog: $12,000 +
  • Newshade Platinum French Bulldog: $15,000 +
  • Platinum Merle French Bulldog: $10,000 +
  • Fluffy Platinum French Bulldog: $15,000 +
  • Fluffy Merle Platinum French Bulldog: $50,000 +

With the rarer combinations, it is likely a breeder will be able to choose their price due to the rarity and potential to produce rare offspring easily.

Platinum French Bulldog Health Issues

Apparently, Platinum French Bulldogs have some health issues. Well, in the text below, we are going to share those health issues.

  • Allergies
    French Bulldogs are known to suffer more than other breeds. Usually, this will show in red or raw patches often around their paws. Also, it can show through watery eyes, sneezing or ear infections. If you suspect allergy issues, it is best to discuss with a veterinarian about possible treatment.
  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome (BAS)
    Due to their short snouts, it will be able to lead to issues around their breathing. Usually, this results in snoring and noisy breathing. But it can lead to retching, regurgitation or vomiting, and of course lowers their tolerance to heat. Due to this it is best to make sure that they are not over exposed to heat because this can quickly turn into heat stroke due to their inability to cool themselves quickly.
  • Skin Fold Dermatitis
    The wrinkles and skinfolds of the dog can lead to issues within these folds. It is crucial these areas are checked for redness and sores, usually you are going to see your French Bulldog trying to lick or scratch any irritated areas.
  • Ear Infections
    Due to the shape of the French Bulldog, they are able to have issues in keeping their ears clean. Frequently these areas become breeding grounds for bacteria. To clean them, the first rule is not to put anything inside the ear, this just compacts any dirt within the ear. It is best to utilize an ear cleaner to break down the dirt.
  • Corneal Ulcers
    As a result of the eyes standing more predominantly on their face, then they are at risk of eye issues. Also, they are able to be born with small amounts of tissue sticking out of their eye. If you notice this or any redness around the eye, your best option is visit a veterinarian.
  • Back and Spine issues
    Unfortunately, it is more common in French Bulldogs for them to have issues around their necks and back. This frequently results in back pain and occasionally slipped discs. Frequently these issues are going to display themselves later in life. Of course, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

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