French Bulldogs at 8 Weeks: Size and Weight

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Just like other dog breeds, French Bulldog will grow at slower or faster rates. Talking about size and weight of a French Bulldog is a general discussion, as every dog will grow at their own pace. Spurts or lags growth is all part of normal puppy development. Of course, it’s very impossible to predict exactly how big a French Bulldog puppy will be.

Even though the size and weight are all about the prediction, you may still wonder how much your French Bulldog puppy at 8 weeks weighs. If you’re looking for information about the size and weight of French Bulldog puppies at 8 weeks, you can dive into our post below!

French Bulldogs at 8 Weeks Size and Weight

How Much Does Your French Bulldog Weight at 8 Weeks?

The weight between male French Bulldog and Female French Bulldog will be different. To make it easier for you to know the estimated weight of French Bulldog both male and female at 8 weeks, we will show you the French Bulldog weight and growth chart, as follow:


  • Male French Bulldog weight at 8 weeks: 9 – 12 lbs
  • Female French Bulldog weight at 8 weeks: 7 – 10 lbs


  • Male French Bulldog height 8 weeks: 2 – 3 inches
  • Female French Bulldog height at 8 weeks: 2 – 4 inches

At 8 weeks of age, the French Bulldog will be very steady on his feet. Of course, their curiosity will begin to kick in. At night, your French Bulldog puppies will start to sleep longer and may start to get a basic understanding of how house training may work.

Your French Bulldog puppies will not be ready to be trained yet, however it will understand more about controlling his urges and their needs to use the bathroom. Your pups may be eating food full time and you may see his weight start growing at a quicker rate.

It does not wonder if your French Bulldog will be very excitable and full of energy, but they will still need a lot of tender loving care. However, you still need to be careful not to allow him to get too assertive or aggressive, even though they may start to get more independent.

It’s very important to control their behaviour like nipping at people or littermates as soon as it begins before becoming a bigger dog that becomes routine behaviour. At 8 weeks, your French Bulldog will start learning social skills and how they match in the hierarchy with their littermates. They will also show signs of their unique personality which will define them as adults.

French Bulldog Weight and Height Chart

As a reference, the weight and height chart can make it easier for you to understand how your pups grow. So as with the French Bulldog weight and height chart, you can really use the chart to control the growth of your French Bulldog.

Let’s see the French Bulldog’s weight and height chart below!

The estimated weight chart of male French Bulldog

  • 1 month: 4 – 7 lbs
  • 2 months: 9 – 12 lbs
  • 3 months: 10 – 14 lbs
  • 4 months: 12 – 16 lbs
  • 5 months: 15 – 20 lbs
  • 6 months: 17 – 22 lbs
  • 7 months: 18 – 25 lbs
  • 8 months: 19 – 27 lbs
  • 9 months: 20 – 28 lbs
  • 10 months: 20 – 28 lbs
  • 11 months: 20 – 28 lbs
  • 1 year: 20 – 28 lbs

The estimated weight chart of female French Bulldog

  • 1 month: 3 – 6 lbs
  • 2 months: 7 – 10 lbs
  • 3 months: 8 – 12 lbs
  • 4 months: 10 – 15 lbs
  • 5 months: 11 – 17 lbs
  • 6 months: 13 – 20 lbs
  • 7 months: 14 – 21 lbs
  • 8 months: 15 – 22 lbs
  • 9 months: 16 – 22 lbs
  • 10 months: 17 – 24 lbs
  • 11 months: 17 – 24 lbs
  • 1 year: 17 – 24 lbs

The estimated height chart of French Bulldog

  • 3 months: 4 – 6 inches
  • 6 months: 7 – 9 inches
  • 9 months: 10 – 11 inches
  • 1 year: 11 – 13 inches

At What Age Is a French Bulldog Fully Grown?

According to some sources, a French Bulldog will reach its full height around 8 to 12 months of age with a maximum height of 9 – 12 months of age. Afterwards, French Bulldog will continue to slowly fill out anywhere between 9 to 16 months of age.

Even though a French Bulldog is considered fully grown around 12 to 14 months of age, your pup may continue to put on muscle until they’re two years old. Furthermore, most French Bulldogs commonly achieve their full height as they are between 9 and 12 months old.

As short dogs, French Bulldog may barely double in height from three months of age to 1 year old. Most dogs may be close to their full weight around 8 months old. Many French Bulldog will continue to slowly fill out until they reach 1 year old, however it will commonly only amount to a few pounds at most.

To get an estimate of your pup’s full size, it’s highly recommended for you to reach out to your French Bulldog’s breeder or take a look at your dog’s paws. If you see their paws look oversized beside their legs and body, it indicates your French Bulldog is still growing.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Official French Bulldog Standard, a French Bulldog needs to weigh no more than 28 pounds that stand at 11 to 12 inches tall. Most male French Bulldog will weigh about 20 to 28 pounds, while female French Bulldog will weigh about 17 to 24 pounds. We can conclude that both male and female French Bulldog will stand 11 to 13 inches tall with a muscular, heavy-boned build.

Well, the early months are an important time for the growth of a French Bulldog. However, a French Bulldog is getting his first vaccinations during this time which will bridge the gap from his mother’s immunity to his own. Of course, it’s very recommended for you to make a schedule with a reputable veterinarian to get your pup vaccinations.

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