How to Calm Down a French Bulldog Puppy

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While the French Bulldogs dogs are known to have low energy, some French Bulldog puppies may be more hyperactive than them and love to spend all day running and chasing things. If your French Bulldog puppy is hyperactive and you start to worry as it is not only running and chasing but also doing a few other things that you worry about such as biting, barking and pulling on the least, and you feel like want to give up as you fail to control it, take a breath first and then try the following methods to calm your French Bulldog puppy down.

Method 1: Create training

With the crate or kennel, your French Bulldog puppy can get a soft, quiet, and comfortable place it deserves and to retreat to when it is feeling anxious. Not only that, this place can also prevent the puppy from biting or chewing your item when you are not around. In order to make your puppy comfortable living in a crate or kennel, you are suggested to add blankets and some other things. Make sure to make the puppy as comfortable as ever.

French Bulldog Puppy

Method 2: Exercise and interaction

The symptoms of anxiety are usually shown by the French Bulldog puppies when they are bored, lonely or stressed. If your puppy shows one or more of these symptoms, try your best to have more time with them. Let the puppy know that it is loved by showing it more affection. If needed, you can also talk the puppy outside for walks before you do your own activities.

Method 3: Time-delayed treats and toys

In order to make the French Bulldogs puppies calm down, one of the most interesting things that is worth trying is to try giving them the toys that require the puppies to open flaps or solve puzzles if they want to be rewarded with the treats that are inside. These kinds of toys will not only keep them busy but also will improve their motor function. In addition, it is also useful to prove them metal enrichment.

If you are wondering where to get such toys, you can get them on Amazon. Here is the list of some that you can purchase:

  • Name: Roll-N-Roll Ball
    Description: Your Frenchie will stop, bark, and roll for this ball on a string that floats.
    Price: $25.86
  • Name: Chuckit! Max Glow Ball Bright Playtime at Night.
    Description: This glowing ball is exactly what you need if your pet has a tendency to want to play until well after sunset.
    Price: $7.94
  • Name: Nylabone Dura Chew Original Flavored Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy
    Description: Nylabone’s dental dinosaur chew has nubs to massage gums and that toughness to keep even the most vigorous pup busy.
    Price: $11.99
  • Name: Leaps & Bounds Wildlife Plush Lion Dog Toy
    Description: Got a pup that likes to pull the plushies out of the toy box first? Try this little lion with a tough rating.
    Price: N/A
  • Name: Leaps & Bounds Smart Snacker Mad Crew Stick Dog Toy
    Description: This durable treat dispenser is great for Frenchies who like to figure out puzzles and snack while doing it.
    Price: N/A
  • Name: TUGGA Wubba dog Toy
    Description: This rope tug is covered in bite-tough nylon to add to its longevity unlike other ropes that may fray once the knots are undone.
    Price: N/A

Method 4: Routine

Routine is loved by French Bulldogs puppies and it can also help them to reduce their anxiety. Even if you are busy, please try to spend time with them by taking them for walks or giving them kennel training. These kinds of things are proven to be useful to reduce or get rid of anxiety.

Method 5: Professional training

Training your French Bulldogs can be hard. If you have a hard time when trying to train them, you are suggested to seek help from professionals. There are a number of professionals that offer training for the dogs such as French Bulldogs. One of the best and the most popular is the Pupford Academy. This one offers online training modules that cover a wide variety of issues and behaviors. When you take the offer, you can also learn about a few things, including body language, impulse control, crate training, potting training, leash training, and so on.

Food and treats bulldog

Method 6: Food and treats

Giving the French Bulldogs puppies food is proven to be effective to make them calm. There are a number of foods that you can try to feed them, such as Spot & Tango Fresh Dog Food, Nom Nom fresh Dog Food, Merrick Grain-Free Real Texas Beef + Sweet Potato Puppy Food, Wellness CORE Grain-Free Small Breed Puppy Recipe, Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain-free Wet Dog Food, and so on.

Aside from the foods, you can also try to give them treats. As for the treats, the ones that you can try to give to the French Bulldogs puppies include Merrick Power Bites Real Beef Recipe Dog Treats, Old Mother Hubbard Classic P-Nuttier Dog Treats, Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats, Puppy Chow Healthy Start Training Dog Treats, Blue Buffalo Bits Training Dog Treats, Good ‘n’ Fun Triple Flavor Gourmet Dog Treats, Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats, Triumph Grain-Free Jerky Dog Treats, and many more.

Method 7: Medication

Sometimes, it is not about getting offended. Just like humans, some French Bulldogs puppies are sensitive even when they have no trauma. In this case, it is better for you to reach out your vet and ask for anti-anxiety medication for the puppy. While it may take time to make the puppy better, the medication can work well if it is mixed with some other things and training practices. If you cannot reach out to your vet due to certain reasons, there are a lot of medicines that do not require a prescription. One of them that you can try to get is Zesty Paw’s Calming Bites. This turkey flavored chewables is made of natural ingredients. By consuming this one, your puppy will no longer be nervous and anxious.

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