How Much Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Cost Without Papers

If you wonder about the cost Pitbulls, it is important for you to know that the cost of pitbulls are varied depending on several factors such as the physical characteristics, gender, and documents. Now, how about the cost of blue nose pitbulls without papers?

The Cost of Blue Nose Pitbulls Without Papers

We have searched the information about the cost of blue nose pitbulls from some sources. However, there is no information about the cost of them with or without papers specifically. According to Animalso and Smart Dog Lover website, the price of a Blue Nose Pitbull pup is about $1,000 to $3,000. This price is understandable because blue nose pitbulls are rare. There are a lot of argue that having a blue nose pitbull is rare so the demand has been high over the recent years.

How Much Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Cost Without Papers

The Cost of Blue Nose Pitbulls Without Papers

What is the main difference between the blue nose pitbull prices? The difference is papers. It acts as a bargaining chip for most breeders in setting their high prices. Papers here mean a list of ancestors all dogs have. Those papers are pedigrees which display your new Blue Nose Pitbull has descended from a long stream of champions and the best dogs in his bloodline.

When you decide to buy a blue nose pitbull, you must be careful and make sure that you come to a trusted breeder. It is because there are scammers and irresponsible breeders who pretend that they sell blue nose pitbulls.

Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Have Truly Blue Nose?

When we talk about a blue nose pitbull, do you think that it is a light blue nose? Well, a pitbull is called to have a blue nose by the color of their nose which is most cases is usually blue. Usually, they have a tendency to have what is referred to as a blue coat. However, the blue here does not mean the type of sky blue or electric blue. As explained by Smart Dog Lover that in the reference to the dog world, the blue here is more of a grey color which ranges from deep charcoal to light  silvery which gives them a blue-like pigment of the nose.

The blue color in dogs comes from a result of a dilution of the black color. If there is a pitbull puppy which has a blue nose and its associated blue coat, the blue color is supposed to come from his parents which carry the recessive dilution gene. Blue Nose Pitbulls are special. It is because they have blue color of their nose  and also masculine build. This is one of the reasons why the Blue Nose Pitbulls have been favorited by a lot of breeders.

Some Facts About Blue Nose Pitbulls

When it comes to blue nose pitbulls, you may have heard some information that you are not sure about it. So here, we have some facts about it so that you will not misunderstand about blue nose pitbulls.

  • A Blue Nose Pitbull does not have an actual blue. Some people may think that a blue nose pitbull has an actual blue like the color of sky. But, actually it is not the blue like that. As explained earlier that the blue color here means a grey skin on their nose which ranges from deep charcoal to light silvery which gives them a blue-like pigment.
  • A Blue Nose Pitbull are very active. This dog cannot tolerte lazy breeders. Blue Nose Pitbulls usually become bored if they do not get frequent exercise. At the end, it makes them dangerous to their surroundings. They are very active and they really like to show their energy when they play in the outdoors.
  • A Blue Nose Pitbull has bad reputation. Over the past years, the blue nose pitbulls has had a bad reputation when they were used to fight in arenas. In this kind of fight, usually the Pitbull is triggered to attack and it usually ends in the death of several Pitbulls. Because of this kind of sport, it has made pitbulls aggressive and they are often feared due to their masculine build. So, that's why they have a bad reputation until now.
  • A Blue Nose Pitbulls do gets sick. Same as any other dog breed, blue nose pitbulls are also prone to genetic issues and other health problems. Usually, they are prone to cataracts and heart disease. So, it demands the owner to make schedule for visiting vet.
  • A Blue Nose Pitbulls are very intelligent. By having goofy faces, people often think that they are not intelligent animals. However, blue nose pitbulls are very smart and they are eager to please their owners. Besides, they are always responsive to a positive behaviour and discipline.
  • A Blue Nose Pitbull can get a long with kids. Blue Nose pitbulls are one of the most affectionate, sincere and loving dogs if they are raised properly. So, as long as they are trained properly and taken care properly, they will not be dangerous even for kids.
  • A Blue Nose Pitbull are not dog-friendly. They may give you a hard time if you have other pets. It is because Pitbulls do not always like other animals. If you want to make them blend well with other pets that you have at your house, you need to train your blue nose pitbull at a tender age. It means that if your blue nose pitbull is old, it is hard for you to teach them.

What Type of Pitbull is the Blue Nose Pitbull?

There are three primary types of pitbulls and those are American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. So, what type of pitbull is the Blue Nose Pitbulls? They are not one type of breed. So, they can be any type of pit bull depending on the genes present in a certain dogs. However, it is important to note that blue nose pitbulls tends to be more evident in an American Blue Nose Pit Bull. While Pitbulls which do not have blue nose can give birth to blue pitbull puppies, there is more possible when two blue nose pit bulls are bred together. 

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