How to Train a Pitbull Mastiff Mix

Be patient during training sessions and keep it fun and consistent is a must-have feeling during training your Pitbull Mastiff Mix. As you know, this mixed breed is a smart and intelligent dog which is known for being strong willed. In certain times, they can also be stubborn too.

Just like other breeds, Pitbull Mastiff Mix also needs an early age training and socialization to make them a controlled dog. Well, it’s highly recommended for you who own Pitbull Mastiff Mix to train them as early as possible. That’s because it will be easier to train a puppy than an adult dog as a lot of qualities and characteristics are not set when the dog is young.

Then, how to train a Pitbull Mastiff well? Thankfully, this post will show you what you should do when training your dogs and the requirements that you should have to train them.

Here’s how!

How to Train a Pitbull Mastiff Mix1

Early training when young

Because they are born from genes which  are large and muscular, it is highly recommended for you to train them while puppy. In fact, when they are small, they will be easily managed and controlled. Even though they are intelligent, Pitbull Mastiff will be a bit hard to train because of their strong-willed nature.

Therefore, they are incredibly stubborn which means that you should exercise them patiently when dealing with those animals. Even though you give training when young, but you should notice that this crossed breed has a strong and dominant nature due to the fact that they need a confident trainer too. So, make sure you have high energy and power when training your Pitbull Mastiff Mix.

Training as soon as possible

If you buy the Pitbull Mastiff from a pet shop or breeders, make sure to start training as soon as you bring them home. In fact, they will grow fast and it's best to train them when they are still a manageable size.

Start training and socialization

The Pitbull Mastiff Mix will be friendly, however, socialization is very important for them when they are adults. When they are young, you also have to expose them to a range of people, children and also other dogs as Pitbull genes can cause them to be aggressive towards other breeds.

However, this way is needed to ensure they understand how to socialize with dogs correctly in a safe way. Additionally, this way will allow them to interact with other animals safely.

Use positive reinforcement

In order to get the perfect result when training Pitbull Mastiff Mix, using positive reinforcement is a must for you. Otherwise, if you use negative techniques such as aggression and coercion will lead them to behavioral problems.

Moreover, the positive reinforcement will not cause problematic behavioral problems which coercive or aggressive techniques do. Make sure to avoid using punishment as it will lead to behavioral problems.

Of course, when your Pitbull Mastiff follows a command to a tee, ensure that they know how much you appreciate them by giving them a reward. It’s important to note that this mixed dog is easily bored, so keep the training sessions short and sweet. Aside from that, you should send out confidence to get them to believe you because they tend to be dominant.

Keep training sessions fun and short

We recommend keeping your way in training Pitbull Mastiff to always be fun and short, long sessions are not recommended. In fact, Pitbull Mastiff Mix will get bored and destructive pretty fast. During training sessions, you can give them a reward such as a treat or some praise in order to follow your command.

Additionally, you can give them sturdy toys which will not break easily under their powerful jaws to prevent them chewing your furniture. If you want to know their intelligence, you can also try to bait them with a puzzle.

Okay, those are a bunch of tips and tricks to train your Pitbull Mastiff mix. The point is, training your dog should be a fun and playful session in order to improve their ‘bad’ characteristics, relieve their stress and increase their memory.

Training’s Requirements

In fact, the training requirements for Pitbull Mastiff will vary from dog to dog. Here are some requirements you should meet when training them:

  • Take them on long walks or runs

As American Pit Bulls are extremely energetic, you should give them a lot of exercise. It means that you should take it on long walks or runs. If not, your Pitbull Mastiff Mix may develop destructive nature in a bid to send out pent up energy.

A short walk should be enough if Pit Mastiffs take more after their Mastiff parent, as Mastiffs are generally lazy and easily bored dogs. The best rule is you should know when your Pitbull Mastiff wants to go for a walk as they may become destructive.

  • Walk on a leash

You probably will need a leash when taking them walking outside as they can be unpredictable when around strangers or unfamiliar dogs. You should make sure that you do not over exercise your Pitbull Mastiff during their growth phase, as their giant breed classification. This way is true until they’re adults.

  • Notice for training time

The important requirement when training your Pitbull Mastiff is about time. Make sure you know when your dogs are tired on walks or exercise. They usually will plonk themselves down and not get back up.

Generally, the Pitbull Mastiff will need around one hour of exercise each day. The suitable timing and enough exercise will keep them healthy and mentally stimulated. To note, you should avoid exercising them immediately after they have eaten as they will suffer from gastric torsion. Ensure they do not eat too fast.

It means that you should decrease the amount of food which you serve them per meal to prevent overfeeding and bloating. In fact, most dog owners feed their Pit Mastiff Mix about 3-4 cups of dog food twice a day. But, according to experts, it’s highly recommended to feed them 4 times instead.

When giving them meals, always make sure that their food mostly contains high-quality animal protein to keep them healthy.

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