How Much Does It Cost to Feed a Cane Corso

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Before purchasing a Cane Corso dog, one of the things that you have to know is the cost to feed it. After finding out how much it costs to feed this dog, you can make a final decision whether you are capable of doing this or not. So, how much does it cost to feed a Cane Corso?

Feeding a Cane Corso is expensive. As a large dog that usually grows to be more than 100 pounds, quality dog food is needed in order to make sure that the dog is healthy and feels well. According to Your Dog Advisor, on average, you have to spend around $285 to $575 a year to feed Cane Corso with a quality diet of healthy dog food and treats.

How Much Does It Cost to Feed a Cane Corso

Apparently, a Cane Corso will need to eat 4-8 cups of dry food every day. Actually, everything depends on the age. From the information, it is safe to assume that a 30-pound bag of food is required for just a month. For a decent quality bag of food, you will have to spend at least $60.

If you are wondering about the dog foods for Cane Corso, check out the list of the best and the most recommended ones:

  1. Blue Buffalo WILDERNESS


Blue Buffalo WILDERNESS has a special formula that is perfect for the active and muscular dogs like Cane Corsos. This one is made of deboned salmon, real chicken meal, peas, pea protein, tapioca starch, and so on. One of the good things about this food is the fact that it is grain free. Besides, there are also no other fillers. To make the skin and the coat of the dog healthy, it contains omega fatty acids. For a healthy oxidative balance, there are also LifeSource Bits.

  1. Wellness CORE Grain-Free

Wellness CORE Grain-Free

In order to build and maintain the lean muscle mass of a Cane Corso, the right protein is needed. Fortunately, there is Wellness CORE Grain-Free that can provide the protein needed by this dog. Apart from protein, it also consists of fatty acids and other premium ingredients such as deboned turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal, peas, and dried ground potatoes. As there is not meat by products or fillers in this product, it is one of the best foods for a Cane Corso.

  1. Tastes of the Wild Pacific Stream

Tastes of the Wild Pacific Stream

While it is quite cheap, Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream is best at providing premium nutrition. The product contains novel protein sources such as smoked salmon for lean muscles. Not only that, it also contains fruits and vegetables, which are known to supply the antioxidants that are important for a healthy immune system.

  1. Orijen Large Puppy Grain Free Food

Orijen Large Puppy Grain Free Food

To support the type of growth that a Cane Corso will undergo, a special dietary blend is needed by this dog. Apparently, there is 85% poultry, as well as fish ingredients in the Orijen Large Puppy Grain Free Food to meet those needs.

  1. Ziwi Peak Beef Grain-Free Dried Dog Food

Ziwi Peak Beef Grain-Free Dried Dog Food

As you can tell from its name, one of the ingredients of Ziwi Peak Beef Grain-Free Dried Dog Food is beef. Apparently, the beef in this product comes from a single source in New Zealand. It is grown with no antibiotics, growth, and the other hormones. It is like feeding raw without actually feeding raw. The food is able to be digested easily by the dog so there is nothing to worry. To make the dog healthy, it also contains New Zealand green mussels and chondroitin and glucosamine.

If the list above is not enough, you may also want to consider some other dog foods for Cane Corsos such as NUTRO Ultra Adult Dry Food, CANIDAE All Life stages, Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet, Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food, Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin, Diamond Naturals Adult Dry Dog Food, Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed, EUKANUBA Premium Performance Sport, Stella and Chewy Perfectly Puppy, and so on.

In addition to the dog foods, a Cane Corso also needs treats. Just like finding the healthiest foods for this dog, finding treats can also be difficult. The best treats are not just tasty and healthy. Besides, they also have to be useful during training and to stop undesirable habits. So, what are the best treats for Cane Corso?

Just like the dog foods, there are also a number of dog treats for a Cane Corso, such as:

  1. Stick treats

Stick treats

Chew sticks are made of beef muscle. These kinds of treats are able to be consumed easily by a Cane Corso. As there is no way for them to splinter, these sticks are also known to be alternative to the other chew toys. On top of that, they are also good for the teeth of the dog.

  1. Cow hooves

Cow hooves

Cow hooves do not contain dangerous chemicals. These treats are natural and provide much nourishment.

  1. Antlers and horns

Antlers and horns

One of the best treats for a Cane Corso is antlers and horns. These two are the source of stimulation and nutrition. Make sure to keep an eye on the dog in order to prevent the dog from doing something harm while chewing this treat. While it is good for the dog, please do not try it if there is a kid in your place who is an avid chewer.

  1. Rawhide rolls and kebobs

Rawhide rolls and kebobs

There are a total of five different tastes in the kabobs from Good ‘n’ Fun. Every taste is loved by a Cane Corso. This treat is made of genuine chicken, duck, and chicken liver that is wrapped in rawhide and pigskin.

  1. Cow and pig ears

Cow and pig ears

Cow and pig ears can be the options for a Cane Corso to consume. These treats are safe for them. It is stated that they contain a high protein content and a low fat content. Plus, the cartilage is good to clean the teeth of the dog and gives lots of chondroitins that are good for joint health.

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