Beautiful Fawn Cane Corso

A Cane Corso dog is described by the American Kennel Club as a working dog with an imposing appearance. This look is reached through the breed’s athletic build and coat that comes in various colors. One of the colors is fawn. Well, here we are going to talk about fawn Cane Corso.

About Beautiful Fawn Cane Corso

A fawn Cane Corso dog has a coat color which can be cream to a brownish tan color. They are frequently mistaken as the red Cane Corso, but the American Kennel Club (AKC) and FCI described the two as distinct from one another. What is special about fawn Cane Corso dogs is that they have a black or grey mask on their face, but it should never go beyond their own eyes.

Also, these fawn Cane Corso dogs have the name Formentino. The fawn Cane Corso has been around since the 3rd or 4th century. Even back then, their owners would take fawn Cane Corso to hunt because their light-colored coats made them difficult to see. Now, if you are wondering if there is a solid-colored fawn Cane Corso, the answer is yes. However, they are very rare.

In addition, Fawn is also sometimes referred to as cinnamon or sable. This coloring is caused by a dilute gene that acts on red pigment. However, dilute genes are recessive. So, Cane Corso puppies need to receive a copy from both parents to show up as fawn. As we said before, several fawn Cane Corso may also have a black or grey mask on their face. Usually, their coloring will be uniform over their entire bodies, but several may have slightly darker pigmentation over certain areas.

Beautiful Fawn Cane Corso

Fawn Cane Corso Grooming

The grooming needs of a Cane Corso will not vary no matter what their color. However, dirt is more likely to show up on paler fur. So, a fawn Cane Corso may need grooming and washing a little more frequently than a black Cane Corso. It is crucial not to wash your dog’s coat too frequently. Especially, if you have a paler Corso with skin issues. In this case, you have to follow your veterinarian’s advice. Cane Corso dogs are relatively low maintenance in terms of grooming. They do not shed much, but brushing will assist to remove any shedding furs as it gets hotter.

Which is the Most Common Cane Corso Color?

The most common Cane Corso colors are those that are caused by dominant genes. This is because a puppy just needs to receive one dominant gene to express that color. For your information, black and red are both dominant shades. However, black is still more common than solid red, because to express as solid red without any eumelanin in the coat, a dog has to receive two copies of the recessive red gene.

Another factor which can influence how common a color is, is its fame. This will be able to change over time. Being famous or on trend can mean that more breeders are purposefully breeding for those shades. However, it can also mean that there is a higher demand for those colors. Therefore, because black is such a popular color, you might find yourself on waiting lists to get a black puppy, despite its prevalence over other colors.

Which is the Rarest Cane Corso Color?

Usually, the rarest Cane Corso colors are those caused by the dilute gene. This is because the dilute gene is very recessive. Thus, fawn and grey coloring will not show if your dog only receives one copy of the dilute gene. Instead, they are going to be expressed as red or black. Several breeders will plan their breeding to attempt and achieve dilute coloring in their puppies. However, at other times, recessive genes are able to go unnoticed over generations, therefore a dilute puppy could appear seemingly at random in a litter.

Either way, fame can again impact the availability of these Cane Corso puppies. Marketing dilute shades as rare and uncommon is frequently a way to drive up their value and demand with new owners. In several cases, it is a sign of a disreputable breeder. The higher demand is for these recessive colors, then the harder it can be to find this puppy.

Links Between Coat Color and Health

It is very crucial to consider the links between your dog’s health and coat color when evidence arises. For example, the research has suggested that the dogs with paler coats are able to show a higher intensity of the skin problems. One specific instance is the potential predisposition to color dilution alopecia in fawn and grey Cane Corsi. The dogs affected with this issue will experience fur thinning and fur loss, as well as itchy or irritated skin.

Also, Cane Corso dogs with black fur may be prone to overheating and heat stroke in hot weather. So, you have to ensure that they have constant access to fresh, cool water, and plenty of shade when they are outside. Aside from these color-linked issues, you have to learn about the breed’s most common hereditary problems to make sure that you are able to recognize early signs of any issues your Cane Corso might experience.

Links Between Coat Color and Temperament

Current research does not explain any difference in personality kinds for different colored Cane Corso dogs. But our perception of personality will be able to change depending on the color of the dog. Research has shown that people tend to rate black dogs lower in terms of conscientiousness, agreeability, and emotional stability than yellow dogs. The tendency to associate negative traits with certain types of the dog is also known as Big Black Dog Syndrome.

Of course, a black Cane Corso will not always be any less friendly or agreeable than any other shade. However, they can be bought by people with bad intentions, who are looking to raise a malignant guardian dog, or even an aggressive fighting dog. Regardless of coat color, Cane Corso dogs are very loyal to their immediate family. Their earliest working role is as a guardian dog. So, they are able to be territorial and suspicious of strangers. To reduce the risk of aggression, you have to train and socialize your Cane Corso dog well from a young age.

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